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Joseph Was A Faithful Servant

We come now to Joseph in our discussion of the characters in the Christmas story. In some respects he had a difficult part in the story. He played a supporting role. He was never in the limelight.

Joseph a carpenter

5 Things We Know About Joseph

  1. He was a carpenter, a trade he taught Jesus. Matthew 13:55, Mark 6:3
  2. He was a just, righteous man. He didn’t believe Mary’s story about being miraculously pregnant. Yet, he didn’t want to put her to shame or humiliate her for being pregnant with someone else’s baby. Matthew 1:19
  3. He was an obedient man. He obeyed the angel who verified Mary’s story. He also followed the direction of the angel to not return to Bethlehem. Matthew 1:24-25, 2:22
  4. He was a capable man. He took care of Mary and Jesus taking them safely to Egypt until King Herod died and then to Nazareth. Matthew 2:13-23
  5. He was a godly man. He kept the Law by offering the required sacrifice for a firstborn son and by going to the Passover every year in Jerusalem. Luke 2:22; 41

It is also assumed by scholars that Joseph died before Jesus did. On the cross Jesus entrusted his mother Mary to the care of John (John 19:26-27). He would not have needed to do that if Joseph were alive.

I’m amazed when I think about what God entrusted Joseph to do. God prevented Joseph and Mary from fully understanding who Jesus was when He was young (John 2:50). Yet they knew in part who He was because of what the angel said. They knew that Jesus was different from any other child or person.

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God has given each of us gifts in the body of Christ. Some of us, perhaps you, have been called to serve behind the scenes. Too often those in that role don’t get thanked. Sometimes it’s worse, they’re overused and under-appreciated.

If you are a “Joseph” or “Josephine” be encouraged! Thank you for your work no one sees. Thank you for doing the things no one else wants to do but that need to be done. Thank you for taking in joy in the task and not in praise. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your important ministry of support, for that is exactly what it is!

If you are not a “Joseph” but know one or more, take the time today to reach out and thank them for their important work in the body of Christ.

I’d love to hear from you. If you have a question or comment please leave it below.

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