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Bible Doctrine Has Something For Everyone

In the 1960’s the phrase “generation gap” was coined. It was used to describe differences between young and old including things such as style of clothing, language and music preferences. The concept of the generation gap is still around but we talk about it differently. We call age groups names like Baby Boomers or Millennials. It’s universally accepted that if you want to reach a particular group with a message you need to cater that message to appeal to that group. When we think about generational differences it makes us realize how unique and special the Bible is.

generation gap - Bible doctrine is timeless

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There’s much about the Bible that could make it unpopular and ineffective today. It’s an ancient book written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. It has to be translated before we can read it. There are many historical, cultural and geographical references in it that make no sense to the average reader. There are some literary aspects of it, like the prophetic imagery of the book of Revelation, that are hard to understand. Yet in spite of all this, anyone who can read can pick it up and benefit from it. And many do!

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The Bible is in one sense a story, a story God wants us to know. In some mysterious way God led the authors of scripture to write His story for us 2 Peter 1:21.

In another sense it’s a lesson book. Here’s what the Apostle Paul says about the purpose of the Old Testament:

“For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.” Romans 15:4

It was written to teach us. We use the word doctrine to describe the various things the Bible teaches. This verse tell us three ways we will benefit from the teaching of Bible doctrine.

3 Ways We Benefit From Bible Doctrine

  1. It helps us endure whatever we are going through.
  2. It encourages us when we need a push or when we need a hand.
  3. It gives us hope.

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A good example of the timelessness of Bible doctrine is Titus 2.  In this chapter Paul tells Titus to teach these things to the people in his church:

  • Older men are to remain faithful and finish well. Titus 2:2
  • Older women are to be reverent in what they do and say and live as examples to younger women. Titus 2:3
  • Younger women are to be loving and kind to those who are closest to them. Titus 2:4-5
  • Younger men are to be self-controlled. Titus 2:6

This is good advice. Following it would make us better men and women!  We are blessed with an entire book filled with doctrine that will change our lives for the better. All we have to do is commit to read it, understand it and then live it.

I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment or question below.

  • Are you talking about black and white issues, not so much the once saved always saved type ones? My other concern is that It took me a really long time after being indoctrinated as a child / teen young adult to know what a relationship with Jesus looked and felt like. I know both are important, and both can transform, but I wonder if we sometimes put too much teaching on doctrine,and not enough teaching on how to foster a healthy relationship with Jesus. Or, you could say, how to hear from and obey God… in calling and the moment by moment situations…

  • Hi Johanna, I’m so glad you asked this question.

    There are two ways the Bible teaches us. One is through specific commands, Don’t steal, kill, etc. The other way is by teaching us lessons through examples. Sometimes these are stories, sometimes in descriptions. If the Bible gives a command, we need to see if it is for us. The command not to steal is, but the command to take two of every unclean animal in the ark is not. 🙂 There are lots of commands that are for us and lots that are not for us. So we have to learn how to read the Bible using normal methods of understanding context and things like that.

    The other issue, learning by understanding the principle also requires some careful attention. Jesus telling Peter to go fish to find get the money to pay the Roman Tax isn’t a principle about fishing for money. It is a principle about submitting to the governing authorities. There are plenty of other verses that teach about God’s provision for us.

    Your issue about being indoctrinated as a child/teen is not unique. The same thing happened to me. I went to a wonderful church that preached the gospel but was legalistic. They taught it was sin to go to movies, dance and even use playing cards. They taught if you did those things you weren’t a godly Christian. I now know they were not teaching Bible doctrine. There are biblical doctrines about separating from the world and being holy that MIGHT apply to some movies and some kinds of dancing but even that is a stretch.

    What I am saying is that the biblical principles that we can learn from, whether commands or stories and examples are timeless. The Bible teaches us to turn from sin, to be wise in our speech, to share our faith, to work and serve in the church.

    Everything that I learn from Bible doctrine strengthens my relationship with the Father and Jesus because the Bible is God’s word to us. It is His teaching that He wants us to know.

    Your question has prompted me to focus on the practical aspect of biblical doctrine in my post tomorrow. I hope this helps. If not, please ask a follow up question. 🙂

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