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Isaac Is A Model For All With Quiet Faith

Isaac could be called the patron saint of all who have a quiet faith. Outgoing and talkative people are usually the ones who get the most attention and praise in life. This is often just as true in the church as in the world. There are many godly people who faithfully serve behind the scenes who get no attention and little praise. There are countless men and women with quiet faith that are the key to the success of many ministries. In keeping with their quiet faith most of them don’t want attention. Yet, every now and then it’s encouraging to hear that someone with quiet faith is recognized and acknowledged for their contributions. The purpose of this post is to do just that with Isaac, a man of quiet faith.

Isaac had a quiet faith

Of the three patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the least is said of Isaac. We aren’t told of any battles he fought or life-threatening challenges he faced. Yet he was a man of God who grew in faith throughout his life. Here are four significant times when his faith was tested and he chose to follow God.

The Growth of Isaac’s Quiet Faith

  1. He accepted his Father’s willingness to sacrifice him as God’s will Genesis 22:1-14. I can’t imagine what Isaac thought about that. We aren’t told how Abraham explained what happened to Isaac. It’s clear he chose to believe God through it because he continued to walk with God.
  2. He allowed his Father to choose a wife from a distant land for him Genesis 24:1-51. He quietly trusted his father and was rewarded with a woman he loved.
  3. He often chose to avoid confrontation trusting God to provide for him Genesis 26:17-22. God’s blessing and protection was with him but we never saw him confront others even when they wronged him. Instead he trusted in God to provide in other ways and He always did.
  4. He submitted to God’s will after he was deceived into giving Jacob his blessing Genesis 27:37-40. He loved Esau and was grieved that Jacob tricked him. Yet, he understood the blessing was a solemn matter. God had foretold that the older would serve the younger. Even though it wasn’t his choice, he submitted to God.

The Evidence of Isaac’s Quiet Faith

As we look at his life we see that God recognized and acknowledged Isaac’s quiet faith.

  • God personally reaffirmed to Isaac the covenant He promised to his father Abraham Genesis 26:4.
  • Isaac is mentioned 35 times in the Bible with Abraham and Jacob as a forefather of Israel.
  • God identifies Himself to Moses as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Exodus 3:6.
  • Jesus tells us Isaac, with his father and son, will be seated in the kingdom of God. Luke 13:28

For those who have quiet faith be encouraged and comforted knowing that the one who matters most, our heavenly Father, sees your faithfulness.

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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