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Lessons About Faith

Abraham has a unique role in three major religions. He’s considered the father of the Jewish and Christian faiths. Islam was founded by Mohammed and believed by Muslims to be a descendant of Abraham through his son Ishmael.

For Christians, Abraham stands out as a model of one who has faith in God. There are many people in the Bible known for their faith in God Hebrews 11. If we were to identify one characteristic that sets Abraham faith apart from others, it was that he had courageous faith.

The word courageous means to be brave and not deterred by danger or pain. When we look at Abraham’s life we see five different times when his courageous faith was on display.

courageous faith

Five Examples of Abraham’s Courageous Faith

Abraham showed courageous faith when he:

  1. followed God. God met Abraham and told him He would bless him in several ways if he chose to follow Him Genesis 12:1-4. First Abraham had to leave where he was living and go where God would show him. God didn’t tell him where he was going Hebrews 11:8. How many of us today would pack up our families and everything we own and go to God-only-knows-where because we believe God told us to do so? It would take courageous faith to do that now just as it took Abraham then.
  2. set out to rescue his nephew Lot Genesis 14. Lot and his family were taken captives as a result of a battle of local kings. Incredibly, Abraham didn’t hesitate to take 318 men associated with his household to go out to find and rescue Lot and his family. They went against four kings and their forces and won. Abraham’s faith in God’s promises motivated him and resulted in his success.
  3. bartered with God for the people of Sodom Genesis 18:22-33. God visited Abraham and told him about his planned judgement on Sodom for their sin. In one of the most fascinating examples of faith in the Bible Abraham asked God again and again and again to show mercy. He wasn’t afraid to boldly ask God to be gracious. God gave Abraham what he requested and didn’t allow the righteous to die with the wicked.
  4. expected to become a father. Abraham was 75 years old and Sarah 65 when God promised them a son. It was humanly impossible, given their old age Hebrews 11:11-12. It takes courageous faith to trust God when it seems impossible.
  5. was willing to offer Isaac as a sacrifice to God Hebrews 11:13-19. It is impossible to imagine what Abraham went through as he walked with Isaac to the top of the mountain to obey God. The emotional pain he faced is hard for us to think about as spectators! Yet his courageous faith believed God would bring Isaac back to life.

Five Lessons from Abraham On How to Have Courageous Faith

  • Follow God even though the path isn’t completely clear.
  • Trust God’s promises and face into adversity when it arises.
  • Boldly ask God for Him to save and help others around you.
  • Expect God to do great things, even impossible things in your life.
  • Be willing to take a chance on God.

Be bold and courageous in your faith today!

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