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5 Ways To Find Wisdom

Things of value are usually scarce and difficult to acquire. Wisdom fits this description. We all know it isn’t easy to be wise. One popular idea for how to find wisdom is to seek advice from a guru. The way this is often presented is someone makes a dangerous trek to the top of a mountain where a guru is sitting, waiting to answer just one question.  For a funny take on this concept, click here for a recent commercial.

Guru on mountain - path to wisdom

Even though the concept of asking a guru for advice comes to us from Hinduism there are some elements of truth in this approach. Instead of taking that approach let’s turn to the Bible where we learn there are 5 ways to find wisdom.

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5 Ways to Acquire Wisdom

  1. Through education Deuteronomy 4:5–6. Moses taught the Israelites the statutes of God. Those who followed the statutes were wise.
  2. From observation of how others live Ecclesiastes 1:13. Learning from the success and failures of others is wise.  No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going in life, someone has already been there.
  3. By studying nature Proverbs 30:24–28. The book of Proverbs gives us sage advice based upon how ants live. There are many wise things we can learn from observing creation.
  4. By heeding the words of one’s parents Proverbs 1:8. Our parents don’t know everything but they have lived more life than we have. Also, in some ways they know us better than we know ourselves.
  5. By asking God James 1:5-6. In addition to the ways listed above God tells us to ask Him for wisdom when we need it. This is an amazing promise that includes these elements.
    • “If any of you lack wisdom” Let’s change the “if” to “when.” At some point everyone needs it.
    • “let him/her ask God” God wants us to ask. All five ways of acquiring wisdom require our initiative.
    • “who gives generously to all” God has lots of wisdom and will freely give it to you. We all wish this verse were about money but it’s not. Wisdom is more precious than money Proverbs 16:16.
    • “without reproach” God doesn’t blame you for asking. When you ask He doesn’t say, “Again?! Really, you need wisdom again?! What’s wrong with you?” He joyfully dishes it out like ice cream at a birthday party.
    • “and it will be given to him/her.” When you ask for it, you get it.
    • “But let him/her ask in faith.” This is the only caveat. You’ve got to believe He will give it to you.

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There are several ways to get wisdom today. Isn’t it great you don’t have to climb a mountain to find it?

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