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Biblical Solitude Is About Being Alone With God

A couple of days ago I read a blog post by Charles Stone about 7 Do-Overs after 35 years in Ministry. Three of the items on his list relate to disconnecting from the busyness of life (my words not his). Most of us have such busy lives that we would actually have to intentionally schedule time for solitude.


Think about this with me for a moment. We need to block out time on our schedules to do nothing. I can hear an Abbott and Costello routine like “Who’s On First” coming out of this.

Costello: “Hey, Bud, I need some help. Can you come and help me?”

Abbott: “Sorry, I can’t, Lou, I have something on my schedule to do.”

Costello: “Oh, okay. What do you have on your schedule?”

Abbott: “Nothing”

Costello: “Nothing. Oh good, then you can come and help me.”

Abbott: “No I can’t. I’m busy.”

Costello: “But I thought you just said you have nothing on your schedule?”

Abbott: “That’s right.”

Costello: “So if you have nothing on your schedule you can help me.”

Abbott: “No I can’t. I have nothing to do, so I can’t help you.”

Costello: “Let me get this straight. You have nothing to do.”

Abbott: “Right”

Costello: “But you can’t help me.”

Abbott: “That’s right.”

Costello: “Because you have nothing to do?”

Abbott:  “Exactly!”

Costello:  “So when can you help me.”

Abbott:  “After I do nothing.”  etc., etc., etc. 🙂

Practicing biblical solitude is actually not simply doing nothing. Biblical solitude isn’t mindless meditation. That’s unhealthy and potentially spiritually dangerous. Solitude for a Christian is about being alone and unplugged from all distractions to focus on God  Here are 4 reasons to consider incorporating biblical solitude into your busy schedule.

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4 Reasons For Making A Habit of Solitude In Your Christian Walk

  1. Solitude enables us to focus on God in worship Habakkuk 2:20.
  2. Solitude enables us to focus on God when we pray Matthew 6:4-7.
  3. Solitude enables us to focus on God’s word Psalm 1:2.
  4. Solitude enables us to focus on God’s works Psalm 104.

When was the last time you spent time alone with God, worshiping, praying and meditating on His word and works?

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Why don’t you give it a try today? If you’re really busy, try blocking out just 5 minutes. If you’re ambitious try 10. Go someplace alone away from your phone, radio, TV, computer and people. Read a verse or two and think about it. Talk to God about what’s on your heart. Worship Him.

Then do it again tomorrow. You may benefit right away and you may not. It may be your mind is racing so much it may take you 5 minutes to take your mind off work, family and life enough to focus on God. That’s okay. Each time you do it you’ll find it easier to focus. It won’t be long before you’ll find it’s something you look forward to doing.

How do you think biblical solitude can help you? Leave a comment or question below.

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