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14 Years Later Remembering September 11th

Today as a nation we will be remembering September 11th, 2001. It’s an important time for reflection.

I, like many people my age and older, have lived through a number of tragically significant events. Today we’re remembering September 11th but many other national tragedies come to mind. In my lifetime I remember the assassinations of President Kennedy (1963), Martin Luther King (1968) and Senator Kennedy (1968). There were the accidents of the space shuttles Challenger (1986) and Columbia (2003). There have been many natural disasters, the San Francisco Earthquake (1989) and Hurricane Katrina (2005). Many more national tragedies could be added to this list.

Remembering September 11th

In addition to national tragedies I, like you, have known personal tragedies. Loved ones who died suddenly in accidents, of cancer, heart attacks and suicide. If we were to sit around and talk each of us would be able to share memories of where you were when you heard of these tragic events.

A common element all these tragedies share is death. But not just death. We all know that death is inevitable. What makes a tragedy different is when lives are suddenly and unfairly cut short. What makes tragedies so hard to process is they don’t seem fair.

A Pastoral Perspective On September 11th

There will be many ceremonies and programs today focusing on remembering September 11th and there should be. Here are five reasons why remembering September 11th is important.

  1. To remember how we were blessed by those who are gone. Whether the person was an innocent victim or bravely attempting to rescue others, their life was important. I am especially blessed remembering those who valiantly stood up against evil that day.
  2. To remember that God is in control. In His wisdom God allowed us, His creation, free choice. People sometimes make evil plans, like what happened on September 11th and God allows them. When a tragedy like this happens we ask “Why?” It’s ok to ask, that’s how God made us. Yet, how many hundreds and thousands of days pass in the world without tragedy? We don’t ask “Why?” on those days. As evil as people are, perhaps the better question is why such tragedies don’t happen more often?!
  3. To remember God is good all the time. Good did come out of September 11th. We know the passengers on United Flight 93 prevented more deaths. It was good how our nation united after September 11th in a way I had never seen in my lifetime. Many people were drawn to God through this tragedy. My faith tells me that God used September 11th for His good.
  4. To remember the death of a saint is precious in God’s sight Psalm 116:15. We won’t understand this until we get to heaven. We don’t have God’s perspective on death. For now remember our death is important to our heavenly Father.
  5. To remember not to believe the enemy’s lies. It’s easy to be bitter and hateful. That’s what the enemy would have us think. It was the enemy, who is a murderer from the beginning, who is to blame. But he would have us hate God and our fellow man. Reject the lies. Forgive others as God has forgiven you.

Today worship God that He is good. Worship Him that He is in control. Pray for comfort for those whose loved ones died on September 11th. Pray for wisdom and protection for those who continue to fight evil around the world to protect us. Pray that God would change the hearts of those wicked ones plotting evil. Pray for the salvation of all!

I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below.

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