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The Reactions To Jesus’ Birth Were Much Like People React To Him Today

Imagine it’s four weeks before Christmas. Your boss calls everyone in for a meeting. No one knows why. He explains that business has been good, too good. The company is behind and has to catch up before the end of the year. To meet the demand everyone is going to have to work the next three Saturdays. However, everyone including management will get double-time pay for working.

company meeting - reactions

What is your reaction? If you need the money, you’re thrilled!  If you don’t need the money and already have plans for the next three Saturdays you’re probably unhappy. It may be that you don’t care one way or the other. What’s great news to one is lousy news to another. It all depends upon your perspective.

From a biblical perspective, Jesus’ birth is the second most important event in the history of the world. The Son of God became a man!  How incredible is that!  Ah, but that’s my perspective.

Let’s take a look at the five different reactions by people in the biblical story of the Son of God becoming a man.

5 Different Reactions to Jesus’ Birth

  1. The shepherds accepted the news, worshiped and became the first evangelists!  An angel visited a bunch of guys working the night shift  Luke 2:8-20. The angel told them the Savior was born in Bethlehem and how to find Him. They decided to check it out. When they found everything they were told was true they worshiped God and shared the good news.
  2. Those in Bethlehem who heard the shepherds were amazed Luke 2:18. They heard the shepherds. They may have gone and seen the baby. Wow, what a story! Got another? There was no action or belief, just wonder.
  3. The wise men rejoiced at Jesus’ birth. They saw a star and determined it signified a king was born. They rejoiced when they found Jesus. They gave Him gifts and worshiped Him Matthew 2:1-12.
  4. Herod and the people of Jerusalem were troubled at the news Matthew 2:3. The sense of the Greek text is they were emotionally distressed at the news. Frankly, it didn’t fit their plans.
  5. The Chief Priests and Scribes were indifferent to the news Matthew 2:4-6. Herod asked them about the biblical prophecies regarding the king. They told him what the Bible says. They answered a research question.

The reactions of these people were different from each other. It all depended upon their perspective. Some saw Jesus’ birth as supremely important and some didn’t.

[Tweet “Our reaction to God’s truth doesn’t change it. It only changes what we do with it.”]

Those who received the truth benefited from it. It changed their lives. Those who didn’t receive it didn’t benefit. It changed nothing.

God still speaks to us today in various ways, through the Bible, pastors, teachers and sometimes directly to our hearts. It’s up to us to listen, to receive His Word, to obey, to worship.

God’s plan is still the same. Peace on earth, good will to men. Your reaction to God’s message determines if you receive it.

How have you reacted when God has spoken to you lately? Please leave a comment or question below.

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