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Be Comforted Knowing God Guards Us Even Though We Don’t See It

A little over a year ago I went on a missions trip with my church to Guatemala. I was hoping to venture out during free time and see some of Guatemala City on my own. It didn’t happen. From the moment we arrived until we left we were either in our guest house or accompanied by armed guards. Everywhere we went we had armed police with us. I was told it wasn’t safe to go out on my own.

God guards us even though we don't know it
Armed guards at a soccer field in Guatemala. It gives new meaning to guarding the goal.

None of us suffered any harm during the week. In fact, we didn’t see anything bad happen to anyone. Even though there were many people with guns and rifles, in that sense it was rather boring. One might have said we were so safe that we didn’t need the guards!

The truth was that we were safe and nothing happened to us because of the armed guards. The presence of the guards prevented anything bad from happening to us.

The same is true of us in the area of spiritual warfare. There is a wonderful and comforting truth in the Bible that God guards us from spiritual warfare. We know this because God graciously reveals it to us. Let’s consider some passages in the Bible where God graciously pulls back the curtain to show us what is going on in the spirit realm.

Biblical Passages That Show God Guards Us

  1. God guarded Job, his wife, children and possessions so Satan could not attack them Job 1:9-10. Satan said that God had put a hedge around him. God didn’t dispute with Satan over this. It was true.
  2. A fascinating example of God’s protection is in 2 Kings 6:8-23. The Syrians had surrounded the city where Elisha and his servant were staying. The servant thought they were doomed. Elisha prayed and God let the servant see all of the angels who were there to protect them.
  3. Another way God guards us is from Satan’s accusations. In Zechariah 3:1-5 we are told about Satan standing ready to accuse Joshua the High Priest. It may be that Satan was going to accuse him of coming before God in filthy garments. Even though it was true Joshua had on filthy garments, God wouldn’t let Satan accuse him. Why? Because Joshua is God’s child and God even protected him from accusation.

Why It Is Important To Know God Guards Us

  1. So that we don’t fear Satan. We have nothing to be afraid of from Satan. God protects us from him and his followers and they can’t touch us 1 John 5:18.
  2. So that we do fear God. We owe everything we have to God. Fear Him in the sense of holding Him in respect and awe!

There will be days when God allows Satan and his followers to attack us. Sometimes they attack us with accusing thoughts telling us we are filthy before God. Even then, they can only do what God allows. And God won’t listen to them so you shouldn’t either. We will see in future posts how to resist those attacks!

As you go through the day today imagine what it is like with a hedge around you and your family. Outside the hedge are some demons that like junk-yard dogs want to get to you. They can’t. It’s God who guards us. How cool is that?!  Praise and worship God every time you think of that today.

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