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The Father’s Choice of Mary and Elizabeth Shows us His Compassion

Mary and Elizabeth were two women, uniquely joined in time. They were cousins. We don’t know how old they were when each became pregnant. Elizabeth was older Luke 1:18. She was well beyond childbearing years. Let’s says she was in her 60’s. She may have been a little younger or a lot older.  Mary on the other hand was young, almost certainly a teenager. Let’s say she was 17. She may have been younger but not much older.

Elizabeth and Mary - the Father's compassion


Out of all the women anywhere in the world throughout all time the Father chose these two.

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Also He chooses people to do things when they least expect it. When these cousins became pregnant their expectations about having a baby were so different.  For Elizabeth it was too late, or so she thought.  For Mary, it was too soon, or so she thought.

Do you think it’s too late to chase that dream you have in your heart from God? Whatever it is, to write a book, help feed the poor, start an orphanage, or share the gospel in the jungle somewhere, it’s not. If God gave you the dream it’s not too late.

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It’s wonderful to see the Father’s compassion in blessing Mary and Elizabeth with each other Luke 1:39-56. With whom do you share the joy of being told by an angel you would have a son?  How about someone else who was told by an angel she would have a son? With whom could you share that the angel said your son would be used to turn many people’s hearts to the Lord God? How about someone who was told by an angel her son would be the Lord God?

The Father’s choice of these two women was intentional and compassionate. He could have chosen two women who didn’t know each other to be the mothers of John and Jesus. But He knew they needed each other. They needed each other to share the wonder of being chosen by God to give birth to a son who would change the world. They needed each other to share the joys and fears of having their first baby. They needed each other for strength to balance the taunts and the whispers of the neighbors. They needed each other because we all need a loved one who accepts us and understands us no matter what.

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Psalm 103, one of my favorite passages in the Bible, is all about the Father’s compassion. If you need compassion today, read it and let it sink in. If your love tank is full, ask the Father to lead you to someone with whom you can share His compassion.

How has the Father been compassionate to you? Please leave a comment or question below.


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