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The Wonder of Answered Prayer

A friend of mine who is a pastor was preaching on prayer. He said, “When you ask God for something there are three possible ways that God will answer you. First, He may say ‘Yes.’ Second, He may say ‘No.’ Third, He may say, ‘Are you kidding Me? You’re really asking for that?!’

answered prayer

I’ve been in the ministry for 30 years. I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying what the Bible says about prayer. I’ve taught new Christians how to pray and preached dozens of sermons on prayer. After all of that I’ve reached the profound conclusion that prayer isn’t complicated.

[Tweet “There is no such thing as simple or fancy prayers with God, just prayers”]

James 5:16 is one of my favorite verses on prayer. I like the King James Version of this verse,

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man [or woman] availeth much. KJV

There are three parts to this verse about prayer.

  • a righteous person
  • praying fervently
  • can produce results

If you want to see answered prayer in your life walk with God and pray fervently. This isn’t a magic formula that forces God to act. God doesn’t always answer prayer “yes” for even the most righteous person 2 Corinthians 12:8-9. Sometimes God leads you to change the way you pray. This verse does give us a pattern that God honors and it brings results!

[Tweet “There is no guarantee of answered prayer just the assurance that what God decides is best”]

When was the last time God answered a prayer in your life? I’m talking about you asking for something very specific, something that you wanted to see happen.

For me it was last week.

I’m involved in a couple of different ministries and have been working on several projects at the same time. One hasn’t been going the way I hoped or expected. I’ve been praying for weeks and have had friends praying, too for God to cause one thing to happen.

This past week God answered our prayers, my prayer. It was a clear, specific, positive answer to what we prayed for Him to do. Wow!

No matter how many times I experience God answering my prayers “yes” I never cease to be amazed at how God works. I will always delight and rejoice when I see the hand of God at work in my life! Thank you Father!

[Tweet “The path to leads to answered prayer is covered with many fervent prayers said along the way”]

Be encouraged. Walk with God. Pray fervently. Pray some more. Watch Him work.

What have you seen God do in answer to prayer? Please leave a comment or question below.

  • I recently had an answer to prayer. I had two valves in ny heart that were not working correctly. The past two years they had become weaker. I just had my six month scan and would you believe there is no sign of any heart problems!! Thank you lord. We had been praying for this for three years. God is good .

  • Hi Leanne, What wonderful news! I didn’t know about that. I never heard you mention it. Yes, praise the Lord. Yes, God is good. I am so happy for you!!! 🙂

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