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To The Best Father Ever!

Today is Father’s Day and I need to tell the world what a special father you are.

I’m now of the age when people look up to me. I’m a dad and a grandfather which is really cool. Yet inside I’m still a kid and you’re my dad. You’re the one people should be looking up to, not me. On the outside I’m older but on the inside I’m just a child that wants his father’s love. A boy that wants his dad’s acceptance. A kid that wants to be told “I love you, son.” And you’ve done all that and more.  Thanks.

I wish I had grown up with you as my dad. I want everyone to know how incredible you were to step in and be a father to me after my first dad failed us. It’s to your credit that you taught me to love him but he wasn’t a good dad. There was abuse. He was emotionally distant. It almost hurts to admit he never once told me he loved me. I say “almost” because your love and acceptance has filled the holes he left in my heart.

Father kissing his child on the forehead

You know it took a while for me to trust you. For so long I didn’t like my dad. I thought you were like him. I was jealous of those who had fathers who took them fishing or played catch or just once said “Good job!” When others would talk about their wonderful family times camping or playing family games I wanted to run away and hide in shame.

Then I met you.

You told me you loved me. I was skeptical.

You showed me you loved me. I saw it but a part of me wouldn’t believe it.

You accepted me. That was hard because I didn’t accept myself.

You didn’t give up on me. Oh, thank you for not giving up on me! Thank you for patiently loving me and showing your love over and over until I began to get it.

I think the most wonderful change was the day I felt your love. How can I describe that? One day it all clicked. I realized it didn’t matter what I did. You loved me. I realized it wasn’t because I had any skill or success. You loved me. I know I speak for all of us whom you adopted, and there are a lot, when I say thank you.

Thank you I can talk to you any time knowing that when you see me coming you smile!

Thank you that when I mess things up you still don’t reject me.

Thank you that when I’m discouraged or depressed you give me hope and strength.

Thank you that even when I hurt you, you respond with gentle forgiveness that I don’t deserve.

Most of all, thank you for what it cost you to adopt me. Everyone knows adoption is expensive but what you had to pay, what you chose to pay for me and the others, still amazes me. I was a condemned man. I deserved death and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. Incredibly you loved me by letting your only son step in and take the punishment I deserved. I was nothing when you did that. I was wicked and didn’t even like you. But you love me so much to let that happen. I believe it but it’s still so incredible to understand how much I’m worth to you. By letting your son die for me you showed me your love. You showed me I’m worth a son to you.

I know I’m adopted and I want the whole world to know you are the most incredible Father! You are the only real Dad I’ve ever had. Thank you, my dear, beloved, heavenly Father. And Happy Father’s Day!

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