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We Need to Hear God But It Doesn’t Need To Be God’s Audible Voice

There are many issues in Christianity that are as clear as can be.  It’s clear that God speaks. The Bible begins and ends with God speaking. It’s also clear the Bible is the primary way God speaks to everyone. What isn’t clear is what other ways God may speak to us.

listening to God - God's audible voice

A problem arises when people teach or imply the experience of hearing God’s audible voice is more important or desirable than any other way God speaks. These folks have set up an artificial standard that is not biblical. Unfortunately many feel defeated or like second class Christians because they haven’t heard God’s audible voice.

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Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I absolutely believe God speaks to us and does so often. I do not believe hearing God’s audible voice is the normal way he speaks with people or that we should seek that. What you think and what I think isn’t at issue here. Let’s see what the Bible says.

6 Biblical Reasons Why We Should Not Seek To Hear God’s Audible Voice

  1. Nowhere in the Bible are we told to seek to hear God’s audible voice. The Bible doesn’t say one is more spiritual or mature because one has heard the audible voice of God. If it’s important why doesn’t God tell us to seek it? The first thing Jesus says to seek is the kingdom of God and His righteousness Matthew 6:33.
  2. It wasn’t the norm in the Bible to hear God’s audible voice. God speaks through angels, dreams, visions or prophets. Can you think of an average person in the Bible who heard the audible voice of God? Job did (Job 38). If that’s what it takes to hear God’s audible voice, I’ll pass.
  3. God’s written Word not His audible voice was the delight and highest desire of the Psalmist, Psalm 19:7-11, Psalm 119.
  4. A group of people at Berea heard the Apostle Paul’s new teaching and wanted to know if it was from God. They didn’t seek to hear God’s audible voice to validate Paul’s teaching. They searched the scriptures to see if what he taught were true. Acts 17:11
  5. God allowed a spirit to lie to a group of prophets who thought they were hearing truth from God. 1 Kings 22:19-23. There’s no way to evaluate objectively what one “hears.” It may or may not be from God.
  6. We don’t need to hear God’s audible voice. The Bible has everything in it we need to become mature, complete children of God 2 Timothy 3:16-17, Jude 3.

I’m not saying that you cannot hear God’s audible voice. I’m not saying you have not heard God’s audible voice. It would be preposterous for me to say that. What man could limit God?

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Here is what I am saying. Seek to know and love the Father, Son and Spirit with all your heart Matthew 22:36-39. If He chooses to bless you with a special experience, hallelujah! If He doesn’t, hallelujah! No matter what, rejoice your name is written in heaven Luke 10:20.

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  • Great post! I think the same dangers of making people feel “second class” arise in churches where tounges are considered THE BIG SIGN that you’re filled with the Holy Spirit. We transitioned from a Pentecostal church to a more Baptist-ish one, and I’m no longer sure whether any of the times I spoke in tongues was legit, or the result of my unconscious reacting to social pressure.
    I can’t remember the source of this quote, but I like it: “if you want to hear God speak, read your Bible. If you want Him to speak audibly, read it out loud.”

    • When Jesus called herod a fox was He speaking out of hate?. Or was he speakingthe truth. I do love you but your article is crap, you however are my brother in christ. God wants us to hear His voice often. In the book of acts the Holy Spirit spoke very often and audibly

  • Hi Emily, yes, there are other artificial standards people set up that make people feel like they are good or holy enough. Tongues is one of those areas.

    This is such a tricky area. There are two extremes in Christianity, those who base everything on experience and those who reject all experience. There is a middle ground. God gives us joy and peace which are feelings and leads us with gentle tugs and urges. This post addresses the extreme of those who crave for an experience over content. At some point I’ll address the other perspective.

    Just last night someone tweeted me that quote with a photo of Justin Peters, a Bible teacher. I don’t know if it’s original with him but that was the first time I heard it. This is such a serious topic to some people but I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the quote. 🙂

    Thanks for jumping in with a comment!

  • This post is crap I can’t believe a christian wrote this. Why would not any christian want to hear God’s audible voice at times. Can anyone limit God if he spoke to the prophets audible and they didn’t not have the indwelling of the Spirit should not we have His voice if the Holy Spirit dwells within us. I hear God’s audible voice quite often sometimes soft at times loudly. All inner audible voices and there is nothing to compare to that and of course I read my Bible. Go hearing God is suppose to be natural He wants to speak this article is most sad.

    • I woke up this morning and looked at my phone and the first words I saw were “This post is crap.” Did the Spirit lead you to say those words, sister? Would you say your words are characterized by love which a fruit of the Spirit? Galatians 5:22-23

      What is sad is that you feel the need to attack rather than discuss. I pray that God gives you grace to understand that there are many people who are brothers and sisters in Christ who hold different views from you on this teaching.

      I did not and would not attack anyone who held a different view.

      I would love to discuss the various Bible passages that teach this, but it doesn’t seem you are interested in that kind of discussion.

      As speaking in tongues seems to be important to you, may I leave you with the words of the Apostle Paul, please meditate upon these words today,

      “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.” 1 Corinthians 13:1

      • People who peak in tongues are not superior than those who dont. But God wants all of us to hear His voice audibly and that is normal. It was most common for this occurrence. Man christians dont hear His voice because we beleive that we dont need to so He doesn’t force us. Many Christians dont speak in tongues because we tell ourselves it is not necessary. It is very important we help as sheep to hear His voice apart from the bible. What will happen when the bible is taken away from us..we are inching closer to that reality you know. In the new testament Paul keeps saying the spirits speaks…..did he read that in the torah? or did he get a revelation?. Hmmm. I apologise for saying crap, but this article is wrong Mr Cushman. I suggest you read you read ‘surprise by the voice of God’ by Jack Deere, a one time bible deist, wasted many years in man made theology until he was SURPRISED BY THE VOICE OF GOD. God wants to speak separate from the Bible, are you willing to hear? it is not occasionally He wants to do it often. How will you prophesy and operate in the gifts if you are not hearing? DONT LIMIT THE SPIRITS WORK.

      • When Jesus called herod a fox was He speaking out of hate?. Or was he speakingthe truth. I do love you but your article is crap, you however are my brother in christ. God wants us to hear His voice often. In the book of acts the Holy Spirit spoke very often and audibly

  • This article is clearly not written by a spirit filled person. Tongues is for today all the gifts are for today and His audible voice is to today. You just have to seek Him with your whole heart. God loves talking, He is always trying to speak to us. The article is theological nonsense not based on experience. Can you study God? He speaks to us in our spirit because he literally lives inside of us.

  • It was very normal to hear God’s voice in the bible. Which bible are you reading? This post is deceptive and erroneously written. God spoke audibly all the time and it wasn’t to the prophets only. His voice was normal infact i dare to say if you are not hearing His voice as a christian, something is very wrong.

  • Very ill article, not very good at all. The bible does not say not to seek God’s voice. Many times God says “hear”. You shouldnt discourage people if they want to hear Gods voice.’Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find’. We can ask with surety of faith and God will do it. I asked years later I heard his voice for almost a year and he spoke in many ways, through wind, thunder,and through spirits of people.So I heard the Son and the Father the spirit in me just testified. Sometimes I hear him not like I used to before because before I heard him everyday. Now I hear him once a month or once every two weeks and just for one sentence. It is an experience that is life changing, the things he told me were all true, and some still to come, which I must say he did not show me everything since he refused and punished me for asking to many times of a certain question so that now I have to wait longer for something he promised. Ofcourse I doubt now and then and have forgotten the whole thing because I suffered knowing that I had to wait years for something dear and what I long for, like a ticket to somewhere special kind of thing and you are eager. So now am reminded and remember I shut it out because I wanted to forget what he told me and the suffering of waiting everyday till he gave me what he promised,so now I am hear waiting and letting the years pass by till I reach that day.Oh and I am human so I did forget what year he said I get the promise its kind of obscure so I know I am alot closer now since its 3 years later, and I was told it will happen before 3 more years. So yea, ask the lord, and he will answer. And yea, he is the same, he still punishes when you doubt him and keep questioning his power, but he will be faithful to his promise even if he delayeth it for reason of doubt.

    • I really wonder if you read the post. This post is about hearing God’s audible voice like you talk to the person next to you. It’s not about hearing Him through the wind or thunder or in your spirit.

      There is no question that God speaks.

      There is no question God speaks in many ways.

      There is a false standard in many circles in Christianity that implies and even says if you don’t hear God’s audible voice there is something wrong with you. I say it is false because it is not taught by God’s word.

      Do you believe God’s word teaches us everything we need to know to live the Christian life?

      If so please show me from God’s word just one place where it tells you that you need to seek to hear God’s audible voice?

      Please show me just one verse that teaches Christians that it is normal to hear God’s audible voice, you need to hear God’s audible voice?

      I cannot and will not argue with anyone’s personal experience. I teach God’s word. Please show me from God’s word what you are saying.


  • I’m not in any side with hearing or not hearing audible voice from God. But I, personally has heard God’s voice at least three times, I think. First was before my baptism and that was more than 15 years ago, the second time was after baptism and I read a passage regarding “ask and it will be given to you”, and I asked and I heard God’s voice again with vision of Jesus on the cross. It happened in church and so over whelming that both my church pastor and visiting pastor from another country had to come over to pray for me. The third tim just happened this year during Chinese New Year when my family and I were on the Singapore Flyer. While on TOP of the flyer, my Husband, myself and our elder Son Luke heard someone calling his name , Luke. Immediately I recognise that it’s God’s voice as I’ve heard it before. My elder Son was also overwhelm by it and my husband was speechless. I asked my Son what did he asked from God and he says he wants to know if God is with him.By the way,my elder Son is seven years old this year 2016. I know now that it is uncommon for people to hear God’s audible voice, but more than 15 years ago, I was the one who was treated like a freak when I told my small group that I have heard the most High’s audible voice. So I just want to say that do not judge, but at the same time if anyone who wants to hear His voice, there is a a huge burden to carry just like carrying the cross. Now that I’m one of those who has been gifted this gift, it is my responsibility to guide my elder Son to carry His cross. For anyone who wish to have the gift, make sure you are ready for what is to come. The road isn’t easy.

  • I heard God’s audible voice before, or lt was very clear! If God wants to talk to you that way He will. God is sovereign! There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to hear God’s voice audibly. I am not saying that we shall pray for it to happen every single day but we can have a burning desire for it to happen.

  • The only person who would believe this article is someone with Zero biblical knowledge and has not sat down and read the bible for themselves at all. I would almost argue that your being used by the Devil to mislead the sheep and keep them from hearing g the CLEAR, CONCISE and audible voice of their father. John 10:27-28King James Version (KJV)
    27 My sheep HEAR MY VOICE, and I know them, and they follow me:
    28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

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