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The Power of Your Identity in Christ

When I was in India in October I was surprised at the special way I was treated. I was given gifts, had my bags carried for me and was always called Pastor rather than by my first name. Often people waited for me to eat before they ate their meal. Frankly, it felt odd.

Ward and Raja honored identity

I was treated special because of my identity in their eyes. I’m older, a pastor, a traveling Bible teacher and an American. They viewed me as special and honored me.

Even though I’m the same person, I don’t experience the same treatment here in the US. Our identity in other people’s eyes determines how they treat us. And our identity in our own eyes determines how we see ourselves.

[Tweet “Understanding our identity as a Christian is one of the most powerful aspects of the Christian life.”]

2 Corinthians 5:17 says,

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. ESV

The phrase “in Christ” is all about our identity. When we become a Christian our identity is tied to Christ. Many Christians don’t understand the powerful impact of this new identity. Here are two aspects of our identity in Christ.

2 Aspects of Our Identity as a Christian

  1. God the Father sees us differently. Romans 5:6-10 says that previously God saw us as weak, ungodly, sinners and enemies. When we trusted in Christ the Father’s view of us changed. It’s like a wicked, convicted criminal was given a pardon, freed from prison, and his record erased.[Tweet “As Christians the Father sees us and treats us based upon our new identity as His godly child.”]
  2. We have a new way of looking at ourselves. Romans 6:5-11 tells us this new identity as a Christian gives us a new way of looking at ourselves. Previously we were unaware of God, dead to Him. Now because of our faith we are alive to Him.[Tweet “Every moment we must see ourselves as alive to God because our identity is tied to Christ.”]

Think of it like this. At the moment you trusted in Christ the Father gave you sparkling white clothes like we imagine Jesus wears.  For women it’s a beautiful new white dress, hat, gloves and shoes. For guys you get a white suit Ricardo Montalban would be proud of. That’s how the Father always sees us.

When we sin, it’s like we’re playing in sewage in those beautiful clothes. Yet, the Father still sees us in the beautiful white garment. By the way, Jesus continually keeps our garments white when we confess our sins 1 John 2:1-2. Try to get this picture in your mind. When you understand your identity and what sin does to you, you won’t want to roll in the mud.

[Tweet “When we see ourselves as the Father sees us, it gives us the power to live godly lives.”]

As you go through the day today, see yourself as the Father sees you. I think you’ll be surprised at how powerful it is.

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