7 Ways The Father Prepared For The First Christmas

The Way The Father Prepared For Jesus’ Birth Tells Us It’s A Big Deal

At this time of the year a common question is “Are you ready for Christmas?” That’s a loaded question. It may mean “Have you finished shopping? Did you send your Christmas cards? Are your decorations up? Are all your presents wrapped?” Fortunately the question is just small talk. It’s kind of like saying “How are you?” But it’s interesting that people ask it. We all recognize Christmas is a big deal and there’s a lot to do to be prepared for it.

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Let’s look at how God the Father prepared for the first Christmas. When we prepare for Christmas we have a month or two to get everything done. The Father started to prepare for Jesus’ birth before time began Titus 1:2-3. Here are 7 specific ways the Father prepared for the first Christmas.

7 Ways The Father Prepared For the First Christmas

  1. He prepared people for it by predicting it thousands of years in advance. Here are a few of the many verses predicting Jesus’ birth: Genesis 49:10, Genesis 12:3, 17:17,19, Isaiah 9:6-7, Deuteronomy 18:15.
  2. He planned when it would happen. It’s a complicated study, but Daniel clearly tells us the Father planned when Jesus would be born Daniel 9:24-25.
  3. He planned where Jesus would be born Micah 5:2.
  4. He chose Jesus’ parents. They had to be descendants of David Luke 1:38, Matthew 1:24-25.
  5. He chose a virgin to be Jesus’ mom Isaiah 7:13-14, Luke 1:30-34.
  6. He used a Roman Emperor in His plan. The census Caesar decreed caused Mary and Joseph to travel from Nazareth where they were living, to Bethlehem so Jesus would be born there Luke 2:1-6.
  7. He chose and prepared a messenger to go before Jesus Isaiah 40:3-5. He miraculously enabled Mary’s older cousin Elizabeth to have a son John, who would be a forerunner for Jesus Luke 1:13, 18.

Over the course of thousands of years the Father chose different people who were willing participants in His plan. He used the obedience of godly people who didn’t have to obey. He also used people in His plan who didn’t know they were part of His plan. It’s likely the Emperor of Rome had no idea his decree for a census was God’s will. He even used an unborn baby to confirm the wonder of what would soon happen Luke 1:44-45.

The Father prepared because His will was important to Him then and it still is today. His careful preparation tells us

  • He keeps His word, even over thousands of years.
  • He gives us the choice of obediently following Him.
  • He will accomplish His plan even with people who don’t know they are part of it.

However, His plans aren’t finished. He still has a part for you and me. What does He want you do for Him today?

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