When Success Can Be A Spiritual Mistake

Learning From A Godly King’s Mistake Life is challenging. We live such complicated lives that problems can spring upon us at any moment from multiple directions. It could be a health issue, an unexpected financial crisis, a relationship that blew up or one of the gazillion mechanical devices in your life went kaput! Some problems […]

Two Ways You Can Tell If The Bible Is An Authority In Your Life

The Bible Is Only An Authority If Your Life Reflects It I grew up near San Francisco in the 1960’s during which the shift from respecting to disregarding authority showed itself on the nightly news for all the world to see. Many in my generation threw off the shackles of following anyone elses’ orders, especially […]

5 Reasons Why The Bible is Relevant Today

The Bible Is As Relevant Now As It Has Ever Been In the 1960’s liberal theologians said God is dead.  A former megachurch pastor recently said if the church follows the instructions from the Bible and forbids same-sex marriage it will become irrelevant. What was the authority that he based his comment on? His own cultural observations. There […]

7 Reasons Why You Need The Bible

Everyone Needs The Bible Americans have lots of Bibles!  Every church I’ve attended or pastored has stacks of Bibles! We use them in church and that’s a good thing. I don’t know what the statistic is on how often people in general read the Bible outside of church, but I don’t think it’s very high. […]

7 Ways The Bible Brings Clarity To Your Life

The Bible Has Something For Everyone My first pastorate was in Daly City, California, located just south of San Francisco. Daly City is known for its row houses and large Filipino population. Like San Francisco it’s also known for fog. Driving in the fog was always a challenge. There are often automobile accidents when the […]

6 Important Things The Bible Can Do For You All By Itself

The Bible Is Sufficient For What Matters Most Traveling has its challenges. If you travel enough you quickly develop a good idea of what you need to take with you. There are basics, clothes and toiletries, that you need no matter what. After that it can get complicated. If you travel overseas, you’ll need your […]

6 Reasons Why We Should Not Seek To Hear God’s Audible Voice

We Need to Hear God But It Doesn’t Need To Be God’s Audible Voice There are many issues in Christianity that are as clear as can be.  It’s clear that God speaks. The Bible begins and ends with God speaking. It’s also clear the Bible is the primary way God speaks to everyone. What isn’t […]

How God Speaks In General And Special Ways

God Speaks To Everyone In General and His Children In Special Ways Communication has changed significantly within my lifetime. When I was born the options were rotary dial landline telephones, written letters, telegrams and telex. Yep, that was it.  It was a simpler time. I remember the fascination I felt when the fax machine and mobile […]

6 Different Things People Mean When They Say “God Told Me”

God Speaks In Different Ways A few months ago a man called the church in need of $100. He’d just gotten out of prison and needed gas money to drive from Kentucky up to Mundelein, IL where his grandmother had left him a house.  He was calling me from the phone at a friend’s place. […]

7 Steps To Follow to Find God’s Will

You Don’t Follow A Map To Find God’s Will This past weekend I needed directions to East Troy Bible Church where I taught a Walk Thru the Bible Old Testament Live Event. I entered the church’s address in my GPS and took off. It gave me specific turn by turn instructions and finally announced “You have […]