How to Have Certainty in the Face of Hardship

Certainty In The Face of Hardship Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” I want to add hardship to that short list. We all experience it. One of the most challenging aspects of hardship is uncertainty. How long is it going to last? How bad […]

The Key to Being a Confident Christian

Confidence in the Christian Life In March I went to Guatemala. I love to travel and especially enjoy exploring places I’ve never been. I was disappointed to learn Guatemala is not safe for tourists. I was not free to wander about on my own. There was one exception. We were staying in a gated community. […]

Delight in God’s Persistent Love For You

The Persistent Love Of God the Father We admire people who are persistent.  We feel good when less talented people succeed in sports because they wouldn’t give up and worked harder than anyone else. There are individuals we hold in high esteem who failed multiple times in life but didn’t give up and finally succeeded. […]

Do You Feel Accepted by God? He wants you to!

Acceptance is the Norm In God’s Family The other day I watched a girl put a wrinkled dollar into a candy machine and it took it right away. Do you remember when vending machines first took dollar bills? They were finicky. There were times when you could put a perfectly good dollar in it and […]

4 Times God Proved How Much You are Worth To Him

Your Worth to God Everyone wants to know what things are worth. Pawn Stars is a popular TV show. In case you’re one of three people who haven’t seen it, people take things to a Pawn Shop in the hopes of getting a lot of money for an heirloom or collectible they own. Sometimes they discover […]

4 Things God Intended For You

Created To Be Loved There are things God intended for you and me to have that we don’t have because of sin.  Knowing what God intended can make a meaningful difference in how we live each day. A few years back I happened upon a TV news program that was interviewing Altovise Davis Sammy Davis Jr.’s […]

Choose Your Thoughts: You Are Not What You Think

The Choice is up to You The idea that you can choose your thoughts is foreign to many people. Instead many people feel enslaved by their thoughts. The phrase “You are what you think” is a popular perspective. There are books, and sermons with that title and you can even buy a t-shirt emblazoned with […]

Walking By the Spirit: Our Defense Against the Desires of the Flesh

Walking by The Spirit – Producing Good Fruit When I was young our family occasionally went out to pick fruit in an orchard. It was fun as long as the fruit was where we could reach it. There were long sticks to knock it off the higher branches but that was hard work. Us kids […]

When You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Having Evil Desires, Part 2 of 2

Guilt and Evil Desires I grew up attending a conservative church. It gave me a solid foundation in my Christian life. But I also learned some things that weren’t in the Bible. I was taught it’s sin to go to movies. I’ll never forget the first time I went to a movie theater as a […]

When You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Having Evil Desires, Part 1 of 2

Guilt and Evil Desires Guilt is a strange thing. It messes with our minds. Have you ever felt guilty for doing something you didn’t know was wrong when you did it? There’s a funny commercial about a man flipping a light switch in his garage on and off while asking his wife if it did […]