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God’s Protection For His Children

When I was 20 years old I drove from Kansas City to San Francisco during the middle of a nasty winter storm. As I drove up the mountain toward Salt Lake City a heater hose blew out and the car overheated. I maneuvered the car safely to the side of the road. It was late, bitterly cold outside and I was 10 miles from Salt Lake City. I had a sleeping bag and decided to sleep until morning. As I was trying to get into the bag a semi-truck pulled up behind me and honked. I ran back and the driver offered me a ride. He drove me to a gas station where I was able to call a tow truck. It wasn’t until years later that I realized that driver and God saved my life that night. The wind chill was 45 below and my sleeping bag was probably rated for 30 degrees above. It’s likely I would have frozen to death were it not for God’s protection.

winter storm - God's protection

The Bible has much to say about God’s protection of us. Let’s consider four promises from God’s word of His protection for us.

4 Promises of God’s Protection

  1. Protection from eternal destruction Ephesians 1:13-14. When we become a Christian the Father gives us the Holy Spirit. He is the guarantee of our salvation.
  2. Protection from the wrath of God 1 Thessalonians 1:10. There will come a time in the future when God’s wrath is poured out upon the earth. Those of us who are part of God’s family are promised protection from it.
  3. Protection from demons, Matthew 16:18, 1 John 5:18, 2 Thessalonians 3:3, Ephesians 6:10-18. Even though we are God’s children, we can still be attacked by Satan and his followers. We’ve been given all the protection we need so that we can always defeat them.
  4. Protection while experiencing spiritual attacks Job 1-3, 1 Corinthians 10:13. Since God allows us to experience attacks it is comforting to know God limits how far the enemy can go in attacking us. Also He won’t allow us to be attacked with more than we can handle.

This is really great news! However we all know the reality that godly people get cancer, are killed by drunk drivers and get fired from their jobs. This is when the “why” questions arise.

The only answer that gives me comfort is not the “why” but remembering “who” is in control. We know our Father loves us and is always with us Hebrews 13:5. If we trust Him, and really, who else is there to turn to? If we trust Him, He will be with us through our darkest times and protect us from despair by filling our hearts with comfort and peace and inner strength. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”@wardcushman”]Whatever you’re facing today pray for God’s protection and rejoice He promises never to leave us or forsake us[/inlinetweet]

Do you have a story of God’s protection? I’d love to hear it. Please comment or ask a question below.

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Ward Cushman

My journey of faith started when I was nine years old when I realized that Jesus died and rose again to pay for my sins. At the age of thirteen I felt the call of God on my life for ministry.

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