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The Perfect Con: Attacked by Satan

Being attacked by Satan is a con job. A true con job is when the person who is conned never knows it happened. Oh he knew something went wrong, he lost money or something of value, but he didn’t know it was because there was a nefarious plan to separate him from his money.

3 Card Monte - con job - attacked by Satan

Have you ever been conned and didn’t know it? If you think about that question you have to answer “Maybe, probably, I don’t think so or I don’t know.” The key is “and didn’t know it.” Logically you can’t answer “No, I’ve never been conned and didn’t know it.”

Do you think you’ve been attacked and deceived by Satan at some point in your life? Before you quickly answer, “No” consider the following:

10 Things You Need to Know About Being Attacked by Satan

  1. Satan deceived Eve who had a perfect, probably brilliant mind by hiding his identity and tricking her into believing eating the fruit would make her wise. Genesis 3:13
  2. Job, according to God, the most godly man of his time Job 1:8 didn’t know Satan was attacking him. Job 23:1-17
  3. King David, a man after God’s own heart Acts 13:22 didn’t know Satan put a thought in his mind to do something wrong 1 Chronicles 21:1, 17.
  4. Paul was concerned the Corinthian Church might be outwitted by Satan. 2 Corinthians 2:10-12
  5. Paul warns that we could be deceived like Eve and end up being led astray from Christ. 2 Corinthians 11:3
  6. Satan is able to disguise himself to appear as an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:13-15
  7. Satan is called the deceiver of the whole world. Revelation 12:9
  8. Peter warns us to watch out for satanic attacks. 1 Peter 5:8
  9. God gave us a defense for when we are attacked. Ephesians 6:10-18
  10. We’re told to resist when attacked by Satan. James 4:7

Let me summarize this.

Satan tricked a brilliant perfect woman and she sinned for the first time in her life. He attacked the most godly man in all the earth in a way he didn’t know it was Satan attacking him. He put an evil thought in the mind of a man of whom God said his heart was like God’s heart. God had Paul, Peter and James warn all Christians about Satan attacking them. Satanic attacks are such a concern God gave us a defense to use when we’re attacked.

Yes, you’ve been attacked by Satan. If you don’t realize it, you’ve been conned by the greatest con of all time. It’s time to “be sober minded and watchful” 1 Peter 5:8. In our post tomorrow we’ll look at how to do this.

Why do you think it is that mature godly Christians don’t think they’ve ever been attacked by Satan when the weight of evidence in the Bible suggests we all have? What makes it hard for you to believe this? Please leave a comment or question below.

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