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Application Of A Text Is Putting It Into Practice

What’s your goal in studying the Bible? Not everyone agrees on the answer to that question. The goal is to understand what it teaches so we can live it out in our lives today.

We study the Bible for application

It’s amazing we can study the Bible, a book that is thousands of years old, and learn what we need to do to please God. The living Word of God is able to teach us how to have better lives. It’s able to point out things we need to change. It’s able to correct things in our lives that are wrong. It’s able to train us how to live right. That is all application. 2 Timothy 3:16

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In yesterday’s post we identified four timeless principles from Mark 1:1-8. Today let’s see in our last step of application how to take those principles and personalize them.

The Application Of Mark 1:1-8 To Our Lives

  1. God has a plan and is working things according to that plan. His plan for John the Baptist and Jesus was described by Isaiah over 600 years before it happened. Do you think God has a plan for you? Yes, He does. His plan includes giving you a gift for ministry. It isn’t the same as John’s but it’s just as real. And just as important. Each of us has a part in God’s plan and He is counting on us to do it. How are you doing in using your gift for God?
  1. Different people have different roles in God’s plan. John had a big role. Most of us don’t. We need to understand we are not important to God because of our role. We are important because He said we are. He loves us. We need to be satisfied with our role. We need to learn to fulfill our role to the best of our ability. Are you satisfied with how God made you? Are you fulfilled in ministry? Maybe you’re in the wrong role?
  1. God says sin is wrong and requires confession to be forgiven. John’s role of preparing people for Jesus included pointing out sin. I don’t think that was a very fun job. We all sin and don’t like it when people point out our sin. The positive side of this is that when you confess your sin you feel the peace and joy of God! Do you have unconfessed sin in your life? If so, honor God by confessing it right now!
  1. Our task is to point people to Jesus. That’s what John the Baptist did. Oh, and so did Peter and James and the other John. And so did all the apostles. John the Baptist was such a great example for us of doing this. He was uncompromising in how he did it. Most of us will never preach in a formal sense. We can still have a great influence on everyone God brings into our lives, if we understand our task and are committed to it. How are you doing in pointing people to Jesus?

Mark 1:1-8 is a historical passage about the beginning of the good news of Jesus. Yet the application of it speaks to me today!  How about you?

I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment or question below.

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