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An “inside job” is a common theme in crime stories. It’s when the person committing a crime either lives or works where the crime occurred or is assisted by someone who lives or works there. The person on the inside is usually motivated by greed but sometimes by revenge or perhaps out of loyalty to the criminal perpetrating the crime.

enemy the flesh - inside job

What if none of those reasons were true and the person on the inside was in fact the victim of the crime? Would that make any sense? Not unless the person on the inside was being blackmailed, deceived or controlled in some way by the perpetrator.

When Christians sin after we’re attacked by the flesh, it’s actually an inside job. We assist the flesh in the dastardly deed. The flesh or sin nature is the inclination to sin within all of us. Here’s 9 things the Bible says about it.

9 Things The Bible Tells Us About Our Enemy The Flesh Or Sin Nature

  1. Sin came into the world when Adam and Eve sinned Romans 5:12.
  2. Everyone born has a sin nature 1 John 1:8 and is a sinner Romans 3:23.
  3. As sinners, we’re enslaved to the flesh Romans 6:19-20.
  4. Our enemy the flesh attacks us with evil passions, desires or cravings 1 Peter 2:11.
  5. A partial list of these evil desires is in Galatians 5:19-21.
  6. When we become a Christian we’re freed from the power of the flesh Romans 6:6.
  7. Even though we’re free, our enemy the flesh keeps attacking us. Galatians 5:16-17
  8. Now when attacked, Christians have a choice to present ourselves to God and not sin Romans 8:5-6.
  9. The power of God is unleashed when we realize we’re dead to the control of the flesh and alive to God Romans 6:11, Galatians 5:24.

If this is true, why do we keep sinning? Why do we struggle with anger and sin with our lips? Why does it seem like we’re still enslaved to sexual desires, or alcohol or … or … or?

First, have you trusted in Jesus as your personal Savior? Have you believed that when He died on the cross it was to free you from the penalty and power of sin? You won’t be free from the power of sin until you trust Him. If you would like to know how, click here.

Second, if as a Christian you are struggling to overcome our enemy the flesh, what do you do when you’re attacked with an evil desire from the flesh? Do you embrace it, think about it, allow it a place in your heart and mind? You already know that doesn’t work. Instead stop at that moment you realize the desire hits and talk to the Father about it. Tell Him you’re angry or discouraged or you have an impure thought, whatever you’re feeling. Ask Him what you should do and feel instead. Keep talking to Him until you know what to do, then choose the right thing and do it. When you make the right choice it’s called walking by the Spirit. It works, but only if you choose to do it.

What have you learned that has helped you win in your struggle with our enemy the flesh? Leave a comment or question below.

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