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It’s July 1st, the year is half over so it’s a good time to check up on your goals. Whether you are a person who likes New Year’s Resolutions or written goals or you carry around a list in your head, most people have things they are working toward. And that’s a good thing. Proverbs chapter 21 and verse 5 aptly says “The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.”

Goals - Spiritual Goals to Consider

Have you hit your goals? Perhaps you’ve been able to check a few off the list. Maybe you’re still working on some and there’s a good chance there are a couple you know aren’t going to happen.

I’d like for you to consider setting three new goals for the rest of 2014. The goals I have in mind are a bit different from the typical goals we set for two reasons.

  • First, they are spiritual goals. We are made up of body, soul and spirit (1 Thess. 5:23). These goals have to do with your spirit, the part of you that relates to God.
  • Second, they are goals that involve spiritual activity and will result in spiritual benefit. They aren’t goals that can be attained by following normal activities.

The three goals I have in mind were goals of the Apostle Paul. In Philippians 3 he reflected on his life before he was a Christian. He had achieved goals that others work all their lives to attain, things like prestige, reputation and privilege. Then he made a calculation. He decided that all of those were not what he wanted most. He was willing to forfeit those things for the three spiritual goals I’d like you to consider adopting as your own.

3 Spiritual Goals to Consider

  1. To Know Jesus Philippians 3:10. Paul understood something most of us miss. He knew Jesus and regarded his experience of being loved by Jesus and loving Him in return of incomparable value Philippians 3:8. Oh that we would consider knowing Him worth more than everything else in life!
  2. To Know His Power. Philippians 3:10. To know Jesus power you have to know Him, to experience Him. It is to unmistakably see Him work in your life, in answer to prayer or a step of faith. Then, when it happens, your heart bubbles with joy knowing it was His power at work!
  3. To Share His Suffering. Philippians 3:10-11. This goal is to adjust our perspective. Since we all suffer Romans 5:3-5 Paul wasn’t asking to suffer more but to understand that as we suffer for Jesus it is something we share with Jesus.

They have different elements but are all related goals.

  • Set as a goal to know Jesus so well you consider knowing Him of incomparable worth.
  • Make it a goal to experience Jesus power regularly in your life.
  • Set the goal of understanding your suffering as something you share with Jesus.

What can you do to know Jesus better? When was the last time you saw the power of God work in your life? How have you grown close to Jesus through suffering? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

  • While I see Jesus in the goof gifts from the Father, I experience Him more tangibly in times of pain/suffering. Wish it wasnt true, but it seems to take pain to really get me to abandon the lesser things I tend to cherish in my heart and cling to the Savior and appreciate that He suffered for me to the point of death on a cross. The beauty of his suffering death and resurrection for me becomes magnified and hope increases in time of pain way more than times of blessing. I ask for blessing , but know that identifying with Him in suffering a sweet yet bitter, necessary providence.

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