The Gospel – Good News That Never Gets Old [Or Does It?]

The Gospel Is Not Yesterday’s News!

We live in an era of almost instant communication. With social media, radio and cable TV we live in a 24 hour news cycle. All it takes is a quick scan of your Twitter or Facebook feed once an hour or so to know if anything momentous has happened in the world.  This means that if you’re on top of things you’ll hear news before others. Someone may excitedly say to you, “Did you hear . . .?” and you simply nod your head and say “Yes.” What they’re excited about is no big deal to you because you already experienced the excitement from that news. It’s not that you want to dampen their enthusiasm. It’s just that it’s old news for you.

The Gospel

Let’s think about this in regard to the good news of the Bible. The word Gospel in our Bibles is the translation of the Greek word meaning “good news.” Is it possible that the Gospel can become old news instead of good news?

Before I answer that let me remind you what the Gospel is. According to 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 there are four parts to the Gospel.

Four Parts To The Gospel

  1. Christ died
  2. For our sins
  3. He was buried
  4. He rose again from the dead

Now back to the question. Is it possible for this good news, that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, was buried and rose again to deliver anyone who believes from eternal death, to become old news? Here are some questions to help you answer this for yourself.

Has the Good News of the Gospel Become Old News To You?

  • Are you as excited about the Gospel as when you first heard it?
  • Have you shared the Gospel with anyone lately?
  • Are you happy when you hear someone has believed the Gospel?
  • Are you praying for friends and family who haven’t yet believed to believe the Gospel?
  • Do you know how to share your faith?

Unfortunately many of us have lost our excitement about the Gospel. I’d like to tell you not to feel bad about it but I can’t. We should feel bad if we’ve lost our excitement about the good news of the Gospel!

Most of us don’t have the gift of evangelism like some people who regularly and seemingly fearlessly share the Gospel. Yet, we must do our part.

6 Ways to Keep the Gospel Fresh and Good News in Our Lives.

  1. Make a list of friends or loved ones who are far from God and daily pray for them to believe the Gospel.
  2. Get involved in praying for and supporting missionaries who’ve devoted their lives to sharing the Gospel.
  3. Get encouraged by reading books by people who are sharing their faith. Here is a link to a free book.
  4. Get training in how to share your faith.
  5. Ask God to use you to help bring one person to faith in the next year.
  6. Ask God to forgive you for not being passionate about or sharing your faith and help you.

I’d love to hear how you stay excited about the Gospel. Please leave a comment or question below.