Holy Week Posts

In case you missed any of the posts from this past week, here are links to each of them. Click on the title of each post to get to the original post.

Monday: Holy Week Is A Time To Choose

We all need helpful reminders to think about what is important. Holy Week forces each one of us to consider whether we believe Jesus is who He says He is.

Holy Week - candle

Tuesday: Jesus’ Power Was On Full Display During Holy Week

Jesus did several things during Holy Week that demonstrated His power. One, the withering of the fig tree, was so we would see what God can do through us.

Fig tree - power

A fig tree with leaves and fruit

Wednesday: Jesus Cleansing the Temple is a Lesson in Worship

When Jesus cleansed the Temple during Holy Week He showed the priority of worship. How and why we worship shows if we understand the true focus of worship.

Jewish Temple In Jesus' Day - Worship

Thursday: Thursday of Holy Week [What Jesus Emphasized May Surprise You]

Thursday of Holy Week doesn’t get much attention, but it should. 11 different important events happen that reveal an important priority of Jesus then and now.

Thursday of Holy Week

Friday: Good Friday – Jesus Died On A Cross Meant For You and Me!

Good Friday is a special day because on it Jesus did something no one else could do. He died in our place. It is up to us to do something about it. Believe.

Good Friday



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