Getting Ready for Christmas

The Christmas Season is Upon Us

It’s December and we’re all thinking about Christmas. That means shopping, gifts, gift lists and of course Santa. This past week we had two of our highest viewed blog posts ever! Here are links (click on the titles) to read them, just in case you missed any or to enjoy them again!

How Not To Settle For Something Less Than God’s Best

It is often too easy to settle for something less than God’s best. God wants the best for us, but the hardships of life get in the way. Learn to not settle.

gift - settle for something less

The Best Gift Ever

As we try to find the best gift to give to our family and friends for Christmas it’s worth thinking about what is the best gift God has given us. It’s life.

chainsaw - not the best gift ever

What if Santa is really Satan?

Christmas is the time of the year when kids ask “Is Santa Claus real?” In this lighthearted but still thoughtful post Santa is misspelled as Satan when seeking a truthful answer.

Is Santa Claus real?

Is God On Your List To Give a Gift To This Christmas?

We all have people we want to give gifts to this Christmas. Is God on your list? Have you thought of giving Him a gift? Here are 6 ideas of gifts for God

Christmas Gift For God

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