Good Desires or Bad Desires, It’s Your Choice

Our Three Spiritual Enemies

The Spirit Produces Good Desires To Counter The Desires of the Flesh I have been a Christian since I was 9 years old. Early in my teens I had a desire to live for God but didn’t know how. I soon figured out there were four priorities that our church believed to be the key […]

The Symptoms Of Attacks By The Flesh

Our Three Spiritual Enemies

Recognizing Attacks By The Flesh I once worked as the manager of the service department of a computer company. When someone brought in a computer they would describe what was wrong, the symptoms. The first thing we did for them was run diagnostics. This enabled us to understand the root problem causing the symptoms. Problems […]

Understanding Evil Desires – The Similarities and Differences

Our Three Spiritual Enemies

Evil Desires Are Distinguishable From One Another We live in a wonderful, diverse world! God has blessed us with incredible beauty and variety in creation. Two examples come to mind, birds and trees. There are over 900 different wild bird species in North America, north of the Mexican border. How many of those do you […]

Evil Desires – The Way All Three Enemies Attack Us

Our Three Spiritual Enemies

The Flesh, World And Satan Attack Us In Similar Ways The first step in learning how to defend ourselves from our three spiritual enemies is to understand how they attack us. Although they use a similar method, their attacks are different. Fortunately the Bible distinguishes their attacks for us. This enables us to learn how […]

A Different Kind of List: The Desires of the Flesh

Desires of the Flesh Our spiritual enemies attack us with bad desires. The Bible gives us keen insight into the most frequent spiritual attacks we receive, desires of the flesh. I have a fun book in my library, The Book of Lists: The Original Compendium of Curious Information. It’s quite entertaining with probably more amusing trivia […]