7 Benefits of Being Accepted by the Father

What it Means to be Accepted by the Father

Acceptance is a big deal. Young people work hard for good grades to be accepted into the National Honor Society. High school students strive to get accepted into a top college. College graduates prepare resumes hoping an employer accepts and hires them.  We want to be accepted because of the benefits we’ll receive. This includes recognition of our accomplishments, a better education and an opportunity to start a career.

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One of the most wonderful truths of the Bible is that when we become a Christian we’re accepted by the Father. This is a big deal but many Christians are ignorant of it.

At the moment you trusted in Jesus as Savior the Father declared you righteous and began to treat you as righteous Romans 4:5. The theological term for this is justification. Since He sees you as righteous you’re accepted by the Father. Before you became a Christian you weren’t acceptable. You were a sinner Romans 3:23, unrighteous Romans 3:10 and spiritually dead Ephesians 2:5. Once you’re declared righteous and accepted by the Father there are some significant benefits. Romans 5:1-5 describes 7 benefits you have because you’re justified and accepted by the Father

7 Benefits of Being Accepted by the Father

  1. Peace with God Romans 5:1. Your relationship is at ease with the Father. There is tranquility and the absence of conflict. You get along.
  2. Access to God Romans 5:2. The Father is always available to listen to you. He’ll welcome you any time you turn to him.
  3. Favor from God Romans 5:2. The Father looks for opportunities to do something special for you. He treats you special.
  4. A new hope Romans 5:2. You share in all God is doing. You’re part of His plan and know it’s going to end well for God and you.
  5. Purpose in life Romans 5:3-4. The hardships and difficulties of life make sense. Everything is controlled by the Father who’s looking out for you and your best.
  6. No shame with God Romans 5:5. You still make mistakes but the Father doesn’t blame you or shame you when you do. You’re His righteous child no matter what.
  7. You feel loved by God Romans 5:5 The Father embraces you. He delights in you and fills your heart with joy, peace and assurance that warms you as a hug from the inside out.

So many Christians don’t get they are already accepted by the Father. There’s nothing you can do to earn being accepted by the Father. It’s your faith in Jesus that enables you to be accepted by the Father.

Just one of the items on this list is enough to make your day! Take your time and meditate on each one of them.

What does being accepted by the Father mean to you? Please leave a comment or question below.


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