The Courageous Faith Of Abraham

Lessons About Faith Abraham has a unique role in three major religions. He’s considered the father of the Jewish and Christian faiths. Islam was founded by Mohammed and believed by Muslims to be a descendant of Abraham through his son Ishmael. For Christians, Abraham stands out as a model of one who has faith in […]

Biblical Faith – Understanding And Living It

The Different Ways We Use The Word Faith I’m reading through the Bible again this year and am well into the book of Exodus. Before turning our attention to Exodus, let’s take a look back at Genesis. I’d like to revisit four of the main characters in Genesis – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Their […]

Joseph Learned That God Is Good All The Time

Genesis 37-50

God Is Good There’s a common interchange that goes on between Christians all over the world. It goes like this. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good. It’s a simple, straightforward statement that’s usually said with a smile. It’s often said after something good happens as an expression of praise to […]

Jacob Asked For God’s Blessing [Have You?]

Genesis 32-36

Did Jacob Deserve God’s Blessing? When we read that Jacob asked for God’s blessing a question comes to mind. Did he deserve it? Is there anyone who deserves God’s blessing? If you made a list of biblical characters who didn’t deserve it Jacob would be high on the list. He was a schemer. He caught […]

God’s Presence Seen In Searching For A Wife For Isaac

Genesis 24

The Bible is full of verses about God’s presence. The idea that God is with us is comforting, encouraging and challenging. Hebrews 13:5 is a favorite verse of many people! 3 Observations about God’s presence There is joy in God’s presence Psalm 16:11. We can’t hide from God’s presence Psalm 139:7. We can count on […]

Lot: A Righteous Man [Or Was He?]

Genesis 18-19

Understanding How Lot Was Righteous The story of Lot, Abraham’s nephew, is scattered throughout Genesis chapters 11-14, 18-19. His father Haran died when he was too young to be on his own. Abraham took him in and took care of him. It’s clear he benefited from his association with his uncle Abraham. While he lived […]

Two Lessons For Us From The Tower of Babel

Genesis 10-11

The Purpose For The Tower Of Babel It’s funny how you think about things when you’re a kid. I grew up in church and remember hearing the story of the Tower of Babel in Sunday School. I don’t think my teacher said this but I thought the people built the Tower of Babel to try […]

Noah Is A Model Of Faith And Action

Genesis 6-9

Noah and The Genesis Flood The biblical account of Noah and the flood is incredible in so many ways. The event itself is so fantastic that many people don’t believe it happened as the Bible describes it. The idea of a worldwide flood is so incredible that some say the biblical account is wrong, that […]

Don’t Underestimate Sin’s Power

Genesis 3-5

Sin’s Power Shows The Limits Of Our Spiritual Strength It’s a good thing to know the limits of our strength. This is true physically and spiritually. Many have pulled a muscle trying to lift something too heavy for them. Spiritually, many underestimate sin’s power. Anyone who tries to take on a stronger spiritual enemy without […]