Exploring What It Means To Be A Carnal Christian

Christians Can Be Carnal There are many cultural differences found throughout the US (as described in a blog post you can read by clicking here).  I grew up in California and have lived in the Midwest for the past 23 years. One difference I have observed is people’s willingness to admit their shortcomings. Let me […]

Are You A “Bad” Christian?

It’s Possible To Be A Good Or A Bad Christian For some, the title of this post may seem odd. After all, the word “Christian” is a positive word. It’s how we identify followers of Christ. It follows that a Christian’s behavior will be Christ-like. Therefore if you’re Christian you must be good. That’s why […]

Spiritual Growth Comes By Listening

Spiritual Growth Is Difficult For The Spiritually Hard Of Hearing One of the challenges pastors face in preparing messages is that congregations are made up of people in different stages of their Christian life. Some are more mature in the faith than others. This is in part because some are new Christians and some have […]