Common Misconceptions About Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare Is Like An Optical Illusion

3 Primary Misconceptions About Spiritual Warfare There are several famous optical illusions. When I teach on spiritual warfare I show some to demonstrate that it is possible to look right at something and not see everything. Here’s a link if you’d like to look at some really fascinating ones. An optical illusion is something you […]

God’s Response to Satan’s Attack On Eve [It May Surprise You]

God’s Response Reveals His Perspective On Spiritual Warfare In yesterday’s post I said that many Christians don’t think spiritual warfare is a significant issue in their lives. Have you ever wondered what God thinks about it? To answer that question we only need to turn to Genesis 3 where Satan attacked Eve and God’s response […]

Your Role In The War Called Spiritual Warfare [Participant Or Spectator]

Spiritual Warfare Is A Real War War of any kind is terrible. So many young lives have been cut short fighting in wars. Like a majority of Americans, I know war is real but it isn’t part of my daily life. I’m fortunate in that I’ve not been personally touched by war. I know many […]

Satan’s First Attack On Humanity [Was It Typical Or Atypical?]

The Nature Of Satan’s First Attack On Eve Satan gets way too much credit. I’ve heard people credit Satan with destroying churches and marriages. Some give him credit for health problems and disagreements with the neighbors. He’s credited with ruining our country and causing pipes to burst. All without one shred of actual evidence that […]

Understanding Our Enemy Satan’s Basic Flaw

5 Facts About Our Enemy Satan’s Creation And Fall God created a perfect, beautiful world in which everything was very good Genesis 1:31. He intended that people, animals and all creation live in peace and harmony. He gave Adam and Eve the job of taking care of the garden. He gave them just one prohibition. […]

The First Spiritual Warfare Attack Has A Familiar Look To It

The First Attack Was A Lie Life was wonderful for Adam and Eve before they sinned. They had no evil impulses. They weren’t selfish. They never got upset or impatient with each other. They had perfect, healthy bodies. They always felt great. They weren’t afraid of anything. They lived in harmony with the animals, insects, […]

God’s Plan For Good [Before Spiritual Warfare Started]

Spiritual Warfare Wasn't Part Of God's Original Plan For Us

“Good” Was The Theme Of God’s Plan I would like for you to imagine with me what the world would be like without conflict. The implications are astounding. I mean no conflict at all. There would be no crime for every criminal deed involves conflict of some kind. There would be no wars. There would […]

Spiritual Warfare Is A Confusing Topic For Many

All Agree Spiritual Warfare Is Real

There Are Several Different Views of Spiritual Warfare Spiritual Warfare is an important topic in the Bible. There are over 130 passages that say something about Satan and his follower’s activity including attacking or trying to attack people. Here are a few examples. Job 1- 2 Satan attacked Job, killed his family, destroyed his possessions […]