Bible Doctrine, What It Is And Why It’s Important [Even to You]

Bible Doctrine Teaches Us How To Live The word doctrine means teaching. When we talk about doctrine in the Bible we simply mean what the Bible teaches about a particular subject. For example the Bible teaches us many things about God. We call that the doctrine of God. The words “teaching” and “doctrine” are synonyms. […]

What Jesus’ Resurrection Has To Do With Our Suffering

The Resurrection of Christ Gives Meaning To Our Suffering Suffering is one of the most difficult issues in life. It is difficult to endure and it is difficult to understand. At some point everyone is touched by suffering. Right now if you aren’t suffering personally, it’s likely you know someone who is. There is no […]

What Jesus’ Resurrection Says About Your Future [No Matter Who You Are]

Your Future Is Tied To Jesus’ Resurrection We have a fascination with the future. I loved watching the Jetsons growing up. Do you remember them? The future hasn’t yet caught up with them! We to try to imagine what it’s going to be like. Some very popular TV shows (Star Trek) and movies (Star Wars) […]

What Jesus’ Resurrection Has To Do With Your Day Today

Jesus’ Resurrection Affects How We Live Every Day Did you have a good Easter? I hope it was a great time of worship and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Even if you had a wonderful time you’re probably ready to move on to the next thing on the calendar (Mother’s Day is coming up). […]

The Gospel – Good News That Never Gets Old [Or Does It?]

The Gospel Is Not Yesterday’s News! We live in an era of almost instant communication. With social media, radio and cable TV we live in a 24 hour news cycle. All it takes is a quick scan of your Twitter or Facebook feed once an hour or so to know if anything momentous has happened […]

Good Friday – Jesus Died On A Cross Meant For You and Me!

Because of Good Friday We Can Escape Death There has been an unfortunate rash of airplane tragedies in the news lately. Last year there were two involving Malaysian Airlines. One, MH 17, was shot down over Ukraine in July 2014 and the other, MH 370, disappeared on March 8, 2014. Incredibly, there was a man, […]

Thursday of Holy Week [What Jesus Emphasized May Surprise You]

The 11 Events On Jesus’ Last Day of Freedom There are three days in Holy Week we emphasize.  The first is Palm Sunday, a triumphant, festive and exciting day! Then Good Friday, the day that Jesus died. The third is Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day! There are other events that took place during the week that […]

Jesus Cleansing the Temple is a Lesson in Worship

Although We Mean Well, We Sometimes Get Worship Wrong On Monday morning of Holy Week, after Jesus cursed the fig tree, He went to the Temple as He had many times before. On this visit to the Temple, like one other time in His ministry, He caused quite a stir. Here’s how Matthew describes it: