God’s Will – 3 Reasons Why You Want to Know It

A Conversation About God’s Will After the church service Luke, a young man in his twenties, waited patiently for everyone to leave so he could speak with Pastor Randy. “Pastor, can I ask you a question?” he asked nervously. “Sure, how can I help you?” Randy asked. “I’ve been dating a sweet girl for almost […]

4 Reasons We Don’t Discern God’s Will

The Things That Prevent Us From Discerning God’s Will It’s been a brutal winter. In the Chicago area we’ve had bitter cold and snow, although nowhere near as much as they’ve had in New England. Two weeks ago we got hit with a storm that dropped 15 inches of snow over a two day period. […]

Understanding Our Personal Free Will

We Exercise Our Free Will When We Seek God’s Will People like to sit in the same place. This is true at church, school and in the conference room at work. If you sit somewhere else it’s because you choose to do so. Perhaps it’s warmer in another chair or it’s closer to a friend. […]

God’s Will – To Accept It We Must First Understand It

Understanding God’s Will Everything happens for a reason, is a common phrase in our culture. It’s often said after something tragic happens. On the surface it seems to be an attempt to make sense of an emotionally painful event such as a death or accident. On another level, however, it expresses a fatalistic attitude that […]

Why We Experience Unfulfilled Promises from God

Understanding Why Some of God’s Promises Don’t Come True A godly Christian couple faced a dilemma. They leased some expensive production equipment to another company. The company damaged the equipment so that it was unusable and demanded the couple replace it. The couple believed it was the company’s responsibility and didn’t have the financial means […]

A Promise Fulfilled – How God Fulfilled His Promise In My Life

God Fulfills His Promises In His Time and Way It was the end of 1982. The recession was officially over and my dreams were officially crushed. As I described in yesterday’s post I was deeply in debt. After months of praying and seeking guidance from the Lord as to what to do about it He gave […]

God’s Promise For My Financial Crisis

Find God’s Promise For Your Need It was 1982. I was 27 years old and my life was in shambles. A year and a half before I left a well-paying national sales manager job to be a manufacturer’s representative. I sub-leased a showroom in the prestigious 225 Fifth Avenue NY Gift Building and contracted to […]

4 Things People Get Wrong About Bible Promises

Getting Bible Promises Wrong One of the most significant technological advances in my lifetime is the personal GPS. Over the years I’ve gotten lost my fair share of times trying to follow a map or directions someone gave me. Before the GPS I would have told you good directions were the most important key to […]