Christian Living: How to Say “No” to the Hawking by the Flesh

Beware of Hawking by the Flesh! One of the most uncomfortable experiences people have when going to a mall is hawking. That’s when a salesperson from a kiosk catches your eye and starts enticing you to buy something. Many people avert their eyes and try to sneak by. Even those of us who have no […]

Christian Living: Life is Hard, Sometimes Our Choices Make it Harder

Life Is Hard, Sometimes Our Choices Make It Harder A young man from the city visited a girl on her family’s ranch. Even though he had never been on a ranch, he didn’t want to come across like a city-slicker. They walked into the barn where a blacksmith was making horseshoes. After watching a few […]

Christian Living: 5 Reasons Why We Repeat Bad Choices and How To Break The Cycle

Bad Choices and How To Break The Cycle of Sin A few weeks ago I was sitting at an outdoor restaurant with my son and his girlfriend when we noticed a guy trying to push his car out of the street. My son and I ran over and helped him push his car through the […]

Christian Living: 3 Reasons You Have The Power to Choose

God has Given you the Power to Choose to Live for Him Researchers tell us that each day we make thousands of choices. Many of these are minor decisions such as whether to get out of bed or hit the snooze button, what to wear, what to listen to or what to eat. A lot […]

Christian Living – 6 Things Around You to Remind You to Spend Time with the Father Today

We All Need Reminders to Spend Time with the Father Every parent I know has had to deal with the “I’m bored!” syndrome. We look at our child, sitting in a room with enough toys, books and activities for a small third world country and we shake our heads. Depending upon your parenting approach you […]

Christian Life – The Key to Feeling Comfortable Talking with God the Father

Talking With God the Father If you’re like me there are people in your life you find it hard to talk with. When you encounter someone like that you exchange greetings and then your mind goes blank. You try to think of something to talk about. Even discussing the weather is painful. After awkwardly struggling […]

Christian Living – 4 Tips to Help You Watch out for Spiritual Potholes

4 Tips for Dealing with Spiritual Potholes When I was younger my dad and I were out running errands when he took a shortcut on a dirt road. As Dad wove our station wagon left and right I remarked that there were sure a lot of potholes. Without taking his eyes off the road he […]

Christian Living – 3 Benefits From God To Help You Every Day

Christian Living – 3 Benefits Of Being A Christian Always Available to You Many businesses have figured out they can attract customers by adding benefits such as reward points for purchases. I have a few airline credit cards only because I earn miles for free trips, get priority boarding and don’t have to pay for […]

Good News and Bad News about your Favorite Verse on Strength from God

Here’s one of my favorite “Good news, bad news” jokes from growing up. A man took an airplane ride to take pictures of his farm. That’s good news! He leaned out to take a picture and fell out of the plane. That’s bad news! He had a parachute on. That’s good news! The parachute didn’t […]