Strength: How to Find Jesus’ Strength When We’re Weak

God’s Strength is Different From Human Strength This past year (2014) was a milestone birthday year for me. Take a look at my picture and guess which one it was. If you’re off by more than 10 years either you need new glasses or my graphics guy did a good (or bad?) job of touching […]

4 Steps to Find Strength in An Unexpected Place

God Wants You To Find Strength to Face Life’s Challenges In my lifetime I’ve witnessed major changes in how people think about health and exercise. In the 1960’s someone figured out jogging was good for you and it became popular. In high school the only people who lifted weights were athletes. Now health clubs with […]

4 Biblical Principles To Help Us See The Good Side Of Life

Recently my wife and I had an enjoyable visit at the family farm where her father was born. Just before we left it started to rain. We hurried to the car and being on a farm we tracked mud into the car. As we drove away down the long driveway I was concerned with how […]

Real Happiness: 5 Questions to Determine if You are Experiencing God’s Best

Happiness is Part Of God’s Plan For Us Are you happy? There are some who scoff at the question, and my guess is they’re probably not. This is an important question because seeking happiness drives so much of what goes on in the world. There is an endless list of things that make us happy, […]

The Priority of Faith in Spiritual Warfare: 4 Roles Faith Plays In Spiritual Warfare

Learning to prioritize is one of the most important skills a person can acquire. This is true of a mom trying to figure out how to balance school, work, and family schedules, or a teacher grading papers, working on lesson plans and trying to find time for family, or a manager trying to fit in […]

12 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Fear Satan or Spiritual Warfare

When I ask people how they feel about spiritual warfare the most frequent answer is fear. Even people who don’t think spiritual warfare has anything to do with them become wide-eyed and wary when we start talking about this topic. There is overwhelming evidence in the Bible that Christians have nothing to fear from Satan […]

7 Ways the Trinity Helps Us Defeat Our Spiritual Enemies

Part of the passage of life from being a kid to being an adult is going out on your own. When you’re young you want your own place, to come and go as you please, to take care of yourself and to show the world (or maybe your parents) that you’re independent. I enjoyed being […]

Our Enemy Satan: 14 Things the Bible Tells Us about Satan

Most Christians have heard multiple messages about Satan. In spite of that, how much do you really know about Satan? Every year new books are published about Satan and spiritual warfare is a frequent topic on Christian radio stations. Although there are many things that are debated about Satan, such as whether Isaiah 14:12-15 or […]

Our Enemy the World Attacks with 3 Types of Desire

When we think of the term “world” many different ideas, images and concepts come to mind. The song “What a Wonderful World” points to positive and uplifting things that make up the world around us. Sometimes we use world to refer to the planet earth. Other times, such as in the most well-known verse in the […]

Attacks from our Enemy the Flesh: An Inside Job

An “inside job” is a common theme in crime stories. It’s when the person committing a crime either lives or works where the crime occurred or is assisted by someone who lives or works there. The person on the inside is usually motivated by greed but sometimes by revenge or perhaps out of loyalty to […]