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Stand Firm Seminar

  Stand firm is a seminar that teachs what spiritual warfare is, how to recognize it and how to resist it.  It is available in several formats.  The full seminar is twelve sessions over six hours.

Session 1 The "Why" of Spiritual Warfare

This session explains from Scripture why spiritual warfare is such an important topic.

Session 2 The "What" of Spiritual Warfare

This session explains what spiritual warfare is by showing the steps that happen when we sin, which is how our spiritual battle is won or lost..

Session 3 The "Who" of Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is not just about Satan.  We learn who our three spiritual enemies are how they attack us and the types of defenses God gives us for each one.

Session 4 The Complexity of Satanic Attacks

This session explains what an satanic attack is and teaches how to distinguish it from trials which are commonly confused with it.

Session 5 The Cause of Satanic Attacks

In this session we dig into what the Bible says about Satan and his followers, what they are like and what they can and cannot do.

Session 6 The Characteristics of Satanic Attacks

This session takes a closer look at what Satan and his followers can do, explaining the full range of satanic activity described in the Bible and the area of biggest concern for Christians.

Session 7 The Effective Elements of Satanic Attacks

This session takes a detailed look at the first attack by Satan in the Bible, his attack on Eve to understand the basic elements that Satan uses in his attacks.

Session 8 The Emotional Elements of Satanic Attacks

In this session we look closely at Satan's attack on Job to identify the kinds of emotional responses Job had so we can be prepared to recognize when they happen to us.

Session 9 The Essential Elements of Satanic Attacks

In this session we look in detail at Satan's attack on Jesus.  In doing so we see a repetition of many of the same elements present with other attacks and we see for the first time how to resist Satan.

Session 10 The Purpose of the Armor

In this session we look into the reason why God has given us the armor of God, what it is for and what we hope to accomplish with it.

Session 11 The Parts of the Armor

In this session we look each piece of armor to learn what it is and how we can use the armor to recognize for certain when we are experiencing a satanic attack.

Session 12 The Placement of the Armor

In this final lesson we show how to use the armor, how to put it on when we are attack and how to stand firm!

 Please continue to check back on this page as more information about the seminar will be added to this page in the days ahead. Here are two PDFs of  the bulletin notes for the two messages at the bottom of the page.  Click on these links to view and print these notes to help you follow along with the messages. Part 1 - Recognize Satanic Attacks Bulletin Insert with Answers Part 2 - Resist and Stand Firm Bulletin Insert with Answers

Two Messages from the Stand Firm Seminar

These messages were preached at Riverview Evangelical Free Church in Fallbrook, California in July 2014.  They give an overview of two key principles we teach in this seminar, how to recognize and how to resist satanic attacks.

Audio message 1 -How to Recognize Satanic attacks

Audio message 2 How to Resist Satanic Attacks

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