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Day 15 Mission to Minister to the Persecuted Church

Travel from Cairo, Egypt to Minya, Egypt

Time: October 28 10 am – 4:00 pm Egypt time (3:00 am – 9:00 am CDT)

MELTI Stand Firm Pastors Conference Update

MELTI is the Middle East Leadership Training Institute in Cairo. It serves the church in the Middle East and North Africa, equipping pastors and Christians in the faith. We had an intense day of training today on Stand Firm. Due to the various factors the conference for pastors in Cairo was one day instead of two. We had around 30 pastors and church leaders as well as MELTI staff, most of whom are shown below.

MELTI Stand Firm Pastors Conference

Even though we had less time than normal to teach the material we had the benefit of having all of the training material, handouts and PowerPoint in Egyptian Arabic. The significantly cut down on some of the translation time. We were blessed with an excellent translator which also made the time more productive. Overall our first MELTI Pastors Conference was enthusiastically received by all who attended. It was a joy to meet and talk with some Sudanese pastors living and serving in Cairo.

Today, Wednesday October 28th, we’ll be driving from Cairo to Minya in Upper Egypt. There we will be having a three day Stand Firm Conference for pastors and Christians living in that area. The conference will begin on Thursday evening.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Caleb and I have been fighting colds as well as having some difficulty in adjusting to the very delicious but very different food in Egypt. These are just trials and things we rejoice in being able to endure to do this ministry.

Please pray for our safety as we drive about 170 miles tomorrow and for the preparations for this conference. God has protected and blessed us throughout our journey. Please join us in giving thanks to Him for that!

I don’t know if I will have internet in Minya. If not I’ll post again over the weekend when we get back to Cairo.

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