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The Charlie Charlie Challenge Isn’t Innocent Fun!

Everyday more and more people are talking about the Charlie Charlie Challenge. Some people say it isn’t real. Some say it’s real but harmless. Others say it’s real and dangerous. Which is it?

Charlie Charlie Challenge

First can we agree it’s real? There are way too many videos out there for even the biggest skeptic in the world to say nothing is happening!

Since it’s real, what is happening with the Charlie Charlie Challenge? It’s either a natural event or a supernatural event. Those who say it is a natural event don’t believe in the supernatural. A supernatural event is something beyond scientific understanding. They have made up their mind it isn’t supernatural and are looking for an explanation. If you don’t believe in the supernatural you can stop reading now.

[Tweet “Since scientists can’t explain the supernatural the place to learn about it is the Bible.”]

The Bible assumes the supernatural. It tells us there is a God, angels and demons who are all by definition supernatural beings. The Bible has lots of stories of angels and demons interacting with people. Sometimes for good (Luke 1:10) and sometimes for bad (Mark 5:1-12). Every time the Bible tells us about good angels they’re on a mission from God doing good. Sometimes God tells bad angels what to do. Most of the time they are out there on their own, being disruptive. That’s what’s happening with the Charlie Charlie Challenge. Here are 9 things Charlie isn’t telling you.

9 Things Charlie Isn’t Telling You.

  1. He doesn’t know the future or the answers to your questions. Even Satan, the leader of the bad angels, didn’t know Job was not going to sin. Job 1-2
  2. Playing the Charlie Charlie Challenge is giving him an opening into your heart, your life, your family, your home. Bad angels can’t invade people’s lives on their own. They need a way to get into your life.
  3. He’s a fallen angel on death row condemned to eternal destruction. He started out good then sinned. He’s going to die forever and he knows it. Matthew 25:41
  4. He’s a liar. All fallen angels follow their leader Satan who is the father of lies! John 8:44 Lies are their favorite weapon.
  5. He wants you to fear Him Job 4:12-15. Evil spirits cause all who come into contact with them to fear. Fear is one of their weapons.
  6. He wants to control you. In Mark 9:14-29 a demon made a boy roll in a fire whenever it wanted.
  7. He wants to destroy you. Demons know they are doomed and want everyone else to suffer. Sometimes like the boy above. Sometimes it uses sickness Luke 13:10-17.
  8. He wants to turn your heart and mind away from God! 2 Corinthians 4:4 The demon wants to fill your mind with lies so you don’t see how much God loves you.
  9. His name probably isn’t Charlie. He’s a liar. I’ve heard of demons who said their name was Jesus!

How To Resist Demons

Here is what is true. Even the youngest child who believes in Jesus and rests in His power can resist Charlie and all the forces of evil! If you are a Christian don’t play the Charlie Charlie Challenge. If you have and are experiencing fear or your mind is filled with accusing thoughts you can resist them. Quote scripture to resist every untrue thought. Every time. It will work.

[Tweet “The youngest child who believes in Jesus and rests in His power can resist any evil force.”]

If you aren’t a Christian and are feeling fearful and your mind is being filled with evil thoughts you first need to believe in Jesus. Right now pray these words:

Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner. I believe you love me and died for me. I believe you rose again and proved my sins were paid for. I trust in you as my Savior.

Those words alone won’t save you. Believing them will. When Jesus comes into your heart and life you will know it and you will then be able to resist Satan and his followers, whatever their names are.

If you have a question about the Charlie Charlie Challenge please leave it below.

  • Ward, What do I do with this. I want to try it. Can you tell me what to do or to look somewhere that would tell me. Ken

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