4 Things God Intended For You

Created To Be Loved

There are things God intended for you and me to have that we don’t have because of sin.  Knowing what God intended can make a meaningful difference in how we live each day.

A few years back I happened upon a TV news program that was interviewing Altovise Davis Sammy Davis Jr.’s wife. It was sad to watch her being interviewed as she stood outside the locked gates of the mansion where she and Sammy used to live. Sammy died with huge debts and left her nothing. Later they showed she was living in a small apartment with her sister.

gated mansion - things God Intended

There are many stories like this of people who seemingly had it all, then lost it all. In fact, in a way, this is my story and yours. Our first parents Adam and Eve had it all. When you read the account of how it all began it’s truly amazing how fortunate they were. Let’s look at what they had, the things God intended for you.

Four Things God Intended For You

  1. They were sinless and reflected the perfect image and likeness of God Genesis 1:27.
  2. They lived in an environment where everything was very good Genesis 1:31, Genesis 2:10-14.
  3. They lived under God’s direct care and nurturing Genesis 2:16-17, 18-25.
  4. They had God as an active part of their lives Genesis 3:18.

This is so different from life today, isn’t it? If you spend a few minutes thinking about those four things God intended for us you can only conclude one thing.

Do you question God’s love or why you’re here? Are the problems of life so burdensome the story of God’s original plan seems like a fairy tale? It’s not.

We know what happened. Satan deceived Eve. Adam and Eve sinned and the plan was ruined but not forgotten. They were kicked out of the Garden looking back at it like Sammy’s wife looking through the gate Genesis 3:23-24.

But here’s the rest of the story. Even as He cursed the ground and the serpent and Satan, God didn’t curse Adam and Eve. Their sinful choice had already changed them. It brought sin and death into the world Romans 5:12. God also promised to fix things through one of Eve’s descendants Genesis 3:15. That’s the first reference to Jesus in the Bible.

When Jesus was on the earth one of His prayers revealed that nothing had changed about the things God intended for us John 17:20-24. Jesus prayed

  • we would share in the unity and harmony of the family of God.
  • we would share in the love Jesus shares with the Father.

We’ve been discussing making the right choices about what we think. The very first thought we all need firmly established in our minds is God’s intended love and acceptance of us.

The Father’s intentions haven’t changed! He still wants a relationship with us and gave His Son on the cross to make it possible. Think about that today!

How does thinking about what God intended for you change how you face each day?  Please leave a question or comment below.