Thanksgiving, Thankfulness and Pilgrim Robert Cushman

One Can’t Spend Too Much Time On The Topic of Thankfulness

This week the theme of my posts has been thankfulness and Thanksgiving. In case you missed any, here is a look back at the week. Click on the title of the post to read it.

Do You “Say Thanks” or “Give Thanks”?

It’s more important to give thanks than to say thanks. In this post we examine the difference and point out four elements of what it means to give thanks.

school bus - give thanks

Do You have an Abundance of Thanks To God?

For Christian’s it’s not enough to be thankful, God expects us to have an abundance of thanks. Explore 5 reasons from the Bible how to overflow with thanks!

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Living in the Zone of Thankfulness

Thankfulness feels great but is hard to generate if you don’t feel thankful. Thankfulness easily flows from the heart of one who is filled with the Spirit.

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Happy Thanksgiving From A Descendant of Pilgrim Robert Cushman

There is a pilgrim few people know about, Robert Cushman. He was one of the business agents for the pilgrims and played a key role in the pilgrims’ story.

The Mayflower and Speedwell - Pilgrims Thanksgiving

How Robert Cushman Came to Preach the First Sermon Ever Printed in America

The pilgrims had a difficult first year. Robert Cushman, their business agent, preached the first sermon ever printed in America to encourage their faith. Although the style of English is different, the need for his message is the same today as it was then.

Robert Cushman Monument - first printed sermon in America

Although Robert Cushman was buried in England, in 1858 a 25 foot granite memorial column was erected in his family’s honor on Burial Hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

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