God’s Presence Seen In Searching For A Wife For Isaac

Genesis 24

The Bible is full of verses about God’s presence. The idea that God is with us is comforting, encouraging and challenging. Hebrews 13:5 is a favorite verse of many people!

3 Observations about God’s presence

  • There is joy in God’s presence Psalm 16:11.
  • We can’t hide from God’s presence Psalm 139:7.
  • We can count on God’s presence Matthew 28:20.

The promise of God's presence

Yet for many, living in God’s presence seems elusive. How do you actually do it? There are many places where we can see this lived out in the Bible. Today we’re going to look at a wonderful story from Genesis that demonstrates how Abraham and his servant lived in God’s presence. If you haven’t read it lately, read Genesis 24 before continuing.

3 Lessons About Living In God’s Presence

The most common reasons for wanting to be in God’s presence are for protection or guidance. These are good reasons and this story fits into the latter. This story begins with Abraham assigning his trusted servant the task of finding a suitable bride for his son Isaac. There are three things we see in this story that can help us when we are longing to know God is with us.

  1. Abraham assumed God’s presence for his servant in looking to find a wife for Isaac Genesis 24:7. Abraham confidently told his servant the Lord would go ahead of him in his journey. We’re fortunate that Abraham tells us why he is so confident. It’s based upon his experience with God in the past. God had done so much for Abraham and my guess is He’s done a lot for you. He certainly has for me! 

  2. Abraham’s servant acted as if God were present Genesis 24:12-14. When it came to the crucial time of having to make a choice he trusted the Lord to providentially help him. He did this by praying a very specific request. There are too many times when we ask God for general guidance instead of specific guidance. Sometimes we pray “Help me be wise today.” That’s always good. A more specific prayer is “Help me ask the right questions so I can choose the right person!” 

  3. Abraham’s servant believed God would give him success or not in his task. Genesis 24:21. Although he believed God was with him, the servant wasn’t presumptuous. He realized it was possible the first young woman might not be the one to water the camels. He counted on God for success and waited on God to accomplish it. In this story he found the young woman on his first attempt. Many times we have to wait on God a long time before we find what He wants us to find.

     It’s easy to forget that at times.

Do you know God? Have you experienced Him in your life in the past? May that propel you to seek specific help, guidance and protection when you need it. Wait upon the Lord to show Himself strong and mighty when He chooses. It’s always the right time.