God’s Plan For Good [Before Spiritual Warfare Started]

Spiritual Warfare Wasn't Part Of God's Original Plan For Us

“Good” Was The Theme Of God’s Plan

I would like for you to imagine with me what the world would be like without conflict. The implications are astounding. I mean no conflict at all. There would be no crime for every criminal deed involves conflict of some kind. There would be no wars. There would be no divorce. There would be no lawsuits. Political leaders would actually get things done. Every business would run efficiently since no one would be opposing anyone else.

God's good plan for creation

This is hard to imagine because people would have to change so much for this to happen. In fact we would have to change human nature itself, wouldn’t we? However, it would be wonderful if it happened!

This was God’s plan for the beginning. God’s plan was for everything to be good. We know this by looking at how God described what He created.

The Good Elements In God’s Plan Of Creation

  1. The light Genesis 1:4.
  2. The dry land and seas Genesis 1:10.
  3. The plants and vegetation Genesis 1:12.
  4. The stars in heaven Genesis 1:18.
  5. All the sea creatures and winged creatures Genesis 1:21.
  6. All the land creatures Genesis 1:25.
  7. After finishing by creating man God said everything he created was very good Genesis 1:31.
  8. Plants that produced food Genesis 2:9.
  9. Gold in the land Genesis 2:12.
  10. There was a tree of the knowledge of good and evil Genesis 2:17.
  11. God determined it was not good for man to be alone so He created woman Genesis 2:18

The first two chapters of the Bible describe one good thing after another. The one thing God determined that wasn’t good was that man was alone. God resolved that by creating woman.

It’s interesting that God put the tree of the knowledge of both good and evil in the garden. By commanding them not to eat of it God was saying, “Let me choose what is good for you.”

[Spoiler alert] Even though sin entered the world and destroyed the perfection of God’s creation, we can still let God choose for us. Have you asked God for His wisdom for what you need today? When you have choices, are you allowing God to influence you to choose what He thinks is best?

In our next post we’re going to see just what went wrong that destroyed God’s plan.

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