Sharing What You’re Thankful For On Thanksgiving

The Trump Card of Thankful Responses Okay America, it’s almost time for that awkward moment of silence that we experience as part of our Thanksgiving tradition. I’m not talking about the silence that happens when the person who’s asked to say grace, who hasn’t prayed out loud since he was asked at Thanksgiving five years […]

Thanksgiving, Thankfulness and Pilgrim Robert Cushman

One Can’t Spend Too Much Time On The Topic of Thankfulness This week the theme of my posts has been thankfulness and Thanksgiving. In case you missed any, here is a look back at the week. Click on the title of the post to read it. Do You “Say Thanks” or “Give Thanks”? It’s more […]

How Robert Cushman Came to Preach the First Sermon Ever Printed in America

The Lasting Spiritual Contribution of Pilgrim Robert Cushman In December of 1621 Deacon Robert Cushman, the business agent for the Plymouth Colony, arrived in America on the Fortune. He had been on the Mayflower, but when the Speedwell was found unseaworthy he stayed in England. Even though he didn’t arrive on the Mayflower the Pilgrims […]

Happy Thanksgiving From A Descendant of Pilgrim Robert Cushman

A Brief History of Pilgrim Robert Cushman As a child growing up in the 1960’s each year our teacher would talk about the Pilgrims and how many believed they celebrated the first Thanksgiving. They had survived a brutal first year, being the second group from England to successfully settle in the New World. Their reason […]

Living in the Zone of Thankfulness

How Thankfulness Can Be Integrated Into Every Area of Your Life Top performers such as athletes and musicians talk about the experience of “being in the zone.” In general it describes when a person is able to perform at a higher than normal level. I’ve heard professional basketball players say when it happens it’s like […]