Good News and Bad News about your Favorite Verse on Strength from God

Here’s one of my favorite “Good news, bad news” jokes from growing up. A man took an airplane ride to take pictures of his farm. That’s good news! He leaned out to take a picture and fell out of the plane. That’s bad news! He had a parachute on. That’s good news! The parachute didn’t […]

Strength: How to Find Jesus’ Strength When We’re Weak

God’s Strength is Different From Human Strength This past year (2014) was a milestone birthday year for me. Take a look at my picture and guess which one it was. If you’re off by more than 10 years either you need new glasses or my graphics guy did a good (or bad?) job of touching […]

4 Steps to Find Strength in An Unexpected Place

God Wants You To Find Strength to Face Life’s Challenges In my lifetime I’ve witnessed major changes in how people think about health and exercise. In the 1960’s someone figured out jogging was good for you and it became popular. In high school the only people who lifted weights were athletes. Now health clubs with […]