The Father’s Loving Plan For You

The Father’s Loving Plan A plan is great but a loving plan is better! God the Father has a loving plan for you. When people talk about making plans the word “loving” usually isn’t attached. Perhaps right now you’re planning a trip. Even if the plans are to be with loved ones we normally just […]

Choose To Serve Out Of Love

Two Motivations to Serve To serve is to perform duties for another’s benefit. In our day and age the word serve is associated with charities, the military and service industries. If we volunteer for a charity we say we are serving those less fortunate than we are. We describe a person in the army as […]

Delight in God’s Persistent Love For You

The Persistent Love Of God the Father We admire people who are persistent.  We feel good when less talented people succeed in sports because they wouldn’t give up and worked harder than anyone else. There are individuals we hold in high esteem who failed multiple times in life but didn’t give up and finally succeeded. […]