Jesus and Your Social Media Profile

Your Social Media Profile and Your Identity In Christ Lately I’ve been working on building up my social media connections. It’s been fun to connect with people all over the world who share my interest in the Bible and in knowing more about walking with God. There’s something cool about having a new friend in […]

2 Powerful Aspects of Your Identity as a Christian

The Power of Your Identity in Christ When I was in India in October I was surprised at the special way I was treated. I was given gifts, had my bags carried for me and was always called Pastor rather than by my first name. Often people waited for me to eat before they ate […]

Four Ways Jesus Expects Us To Be Different

Four Ways Jesus Expects Us To Be Different Jesus Came To Change Things Change is a word that is loved and hated. Leadership experts tell us that change is important. They say, “To succeed we must continually change.” On the other hand, there’s a great percentage of the population that hears that and shrugs their […]