Give Glory To The Father [What It Means, Why It Matters]

Reflecting God In Your Life The words “glory” and “glorify” are commonly used in the Bible but not in our day-to-day speech. If you say to someone “give glory to God” you might be met with a blank stare! Does that mean say the words “Glory to God”? Or does it mean you’re supposed to […]

The Law Of Sin: A Powerful Force For Evil Within Us

Have You Heard Of The Law Of Sin? There are a lot of strange laws in America. Did you know? In Alabama you can’t wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church. In Georgia you can’t keep an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sundays. In Idaho giving your sweetheart a box […]

Exploring What It Means To Be A Carnal Christian

Christians Can Be Carnal There are many cultural differences found throughout the US (as described in a blog post you can read by clicking here).  I grew up in California and have lived in the Midwest for the past 23 years. One difference I have observed is people’s willingness to admit their shortcomings. Let me […]

Are You A “Bad” Christian?

It’s Possible To Be A Good Or A Bad Christian For some, the title of this post may seem odd. After all, the word “Christian” is a positive word. It’s how we identify followers of Christ. It follows that a Christian’s behavior will be Christ-like. Therefore if you’re Christian you must be good. That’s why […]

Spiritual Growth Comes By Listening

Spiritual Growth Is Difficult For The Spiritually Hard Of Hearing One of the challenges pastors face in preparing messages is that congregations are made up of people in different stages of their Christian life. Some are more mature in the faith than others. This is in part because some are new Christians and some have […]

Growing Spiritually Is A Sign Of Spiritual Health

The Biblical Norm Is To Be Growing Spiritually I grew up in northern California where it’s usually hot and dry in the summer and fall, and cooler but not freezing with some rain in the winter and spring. In contrast the Midwest, where I live now, is hot and wet during the spring and summer […]

Spiritual Health [What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Healthy?]

Spiritual Health Is Similar In Some Respects to Physical Health A few years ago I had a life-changing experience. I was an average middle aged man, not exercising or eating well. I had gained weight and lost muscle. Then I met Brian, a friend from church who was trained and educated in health and fitness. […]

Are You Using The Fruit Of The Spirit In Your Life?

Using The Fruit Of The Spirit Is About Supernatural Empowerment Perhaps upon reading the title of this post you are wondering, “How does one use fruit?” The obvious answer is to use it for pies, preserves and for helping to have a balanced diet. I’m reminded of the saying, “An apple a day keeps the […]