Bible Study: The 8 Steps In Studying A Bible Passage [How Many Do You Know?]

How To Do Bible Study On Your Own

We need a reason to study. If we’re in school, we study for exams. We study if we need to take a test to get our driver’s license renewed. We study for certifications to increase our value as an employee. I don’t know anyone who studies just for the sake of studying.

Bible study

Why then do we study the Bible? It’s true we face spiritual tests but they’re usually unannounced so we don’t have time to study for them. Most of us don’t study the Bible unless we’re in a class or small group with homework.

One reason many people don’t study the Bible is they don’t know how. That’s a good reason but [spoiler alert] one you will no longer have if you keep reading this blog. It’s not hard to study the Bible. The most basic way to study the Bible is to study a passage. There are 8 basic steps in studying a Bible passage. Here they are:

Basic Bible Study: 8 Steps In Studying A Bible Passage

  1. Pray: Ask God for wisdom, to lead you and help you understand. If you want to hear from God, expect to hear from God.
  2. Read: Select a passage and read it several times.
  3. Research: Read about the historical background of the passage in a Bible handbook or Bible dictionary. A good resource is Halley’s Bible Handbook.
  4. Observe: Answer the basic who, what, when, where, why and how questions about the passage.
  5. Identify: Note words, people and places you don’t understand. Research them to find out what they mean. A good resource is the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia.
  6. Interpret: Make a tentative conclusion as to what the main point or idea is for the passage.
  7. Consult: Check your conclusion against what others say, Bible commentaries or Study Bible notes.
  8. Apply: What does the passage teach you about how to live your life?

That’s it. This is a basic approach. Yes we can get much more detailed in our study but this will do just fine for the average person.

Could your life use some enrichment? Would you like to draw closer to God and sense Him working in your life? I thought so!  Here’s what I’d like you to do. Join me over the next week and we will do Bible study together. We will do it right here in this blog. I want you to learn how to do Bible study on your own so each day I’ll show you how as we work through these steps. We’ll study the Bible together and see what we learn.

Each day you will have the opportunity to study on your own, ask questions and contribute to the discussion. This is going to be fun! Tomorrow we will pick a passage and start reading it.

Will you study with me? Spread the word to your friends! Let’s see if we can get lots of people studying together. If so, post a comment below. Just say, “I’m in!

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