Is Tithing [With Its Blessings And Curses] A Commandment For Today?

The Law - Part 4

Biblical Advice About Tithing Today I got an email asking about tithing. It’s such an important question that I’m going to devote this post to it. Here’s the question: I would like to understand the commandment in Malachi 3:10 about tithes and offerings. Is God only going to bless me when I tithe and curse […]

What Commandments Do I Have To Keep As A Christian?

The Law Part 3

The “Question” About Keeping The Commandments “Since we’re Christians now, can you give us a list of the commandments we’re supposed to keep?” It was about 30 years ago. I was sitting across from a young couple who, a few days before, had believed in Jesus as their Savior. It was the first time I’d […]

Understanding Why The Old Testament Law is Not For Today

The Law Part 2

Digging Deeper Into the Law Of Moses In my last post I pointed out that the term “Old Testament Law” is generally used in four ways. For the sake of this post we’re going to use it by its most common meaning. Let’s agree (for this post) that the term “Old Testament Law” refers to […]

The Old Testament Law [What Is It?]

The Law Part 1

The Old Testament Law Is Not For Today, Or Is It? The Old Testament Law is a confusing topic for many people. I first learned about it as a boy going to Sunday School. The main emphasis was on the Ten Commandments but it wasn’t limited to that. It’s funny how things stick out in […]

Moses Inspires Me! 10 Reasons Why I Admire Moses!

Moses Is A Model For Everyone To Follow Moses is someone I’d like to have a long conversation with over a pot or two of coffee. He lived such a fascinating life. He overcame great odds on several occasions. He walked with God like no one else has ever done. We’re fortunate that the Bible […]

The Patient Faith of Joseph

Lessons In Faith

The Uniqueness of Joseph’s Patient Faith When we think of patient faith in the Bible three people come to mind. They are Noah, Abraham and Joseph. Noah was 500 years old when he’s first mentioned in Genesis 5:32. He was 600 when he entered the ark Genesis 7:6. Abraham was 75 when God promised him […]

The Struggling Faith Of Jacob

Lessons In Faith

Struggling faith isn’t something that people want to have. Yet that’s how many of us would describe our faith. The struggling faith of Jacob is quite a contrast with the faith of Abraham and Isaac. For most of his life Jacob was not a model of faith. From the moment he was born grasping his […]