Sharing What You’re Thankful For On Thanksgiving

The Trump Card of Thankful Responses Okay America, it’s almost time for that awkward moment of silence that we experience as part of our Thanksgiving tradition. I’m not talking about the silence that happens when the person who’s asked to say grace, who hasn’t prayed out loud since he was asked at Thanksgiving five years […]

Temptation and Prayer – Our Part and God’s Part

Is Temptation Avoidable? It’s mid-November and starting to get cold in Illinois. If the weather forecasters are correct we’re going to have a significant accumulation of snow this weekend! When it starts to get cold we’re reminded we need to prepare for the cold weather. In particular it’s time to have the furnace checked. It’s […]

Finding A Blessing When I Wasn’t Looking For It

An Unexpected Blessing While Traveling This past month has been a busy season of travel for me. After three weeks in India and Egypt my wife, Margaret, and I traveled to Southern California last weekend for our youngest son’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and a delightful time! It was also a time when […]

An Unexpected Opportunity To Proclaim The Gospel In India

The Great Commission: Proclaim The Gospel After Jesus rose from the dead He spent several weeks with His disciples. Just before He ascended to heaven He gave them what we call the Great Commission. Mark 16:15 records a simple and straightforward version of it. There are additional aspects of the Great Commission but this is […]

Orphan Ministry in the Andaman Islands of India

My Introduction to One Orphan Ministry In February of 2014 I made my first missionary trip to the Andaman Nicobar Islands of India. A good friend, Ray Montonera, approached me about going with him and a small team to minister there. He planned a trip to visit an orphan ministry and do some community outreaches. […]

Rehearsing God’s Goodness On Our Missionary Journey

God’s Goodness Was Evident Everywhere We Went! It’s great to be home. It was also great to have the opportunity to teach and preach God’s Word in some unexpected ways. This was quite a missionary journey for us! Here is a map of the different locations where we ministered.

Blessed by God At The Minya Egypt Stand Firm Conference

Day 19 Mission to Minister to the Persecuted Church Cairo, Egypt Time: November 1, 2015 We Are Blessed In So Many Ways! We finished the Stand Firm Conference in Minya, Egypt yesterday and my heart is full. It was such a joy to spend time with brothers and sisters in Christ who are hungry to […]