Demystifying The Armor Of God

Identifying The Armor Of God Anyone who has been going to church for more than a couple of years has probably heard a message on the armor of God. It’s common for preachers to go into a detailed description of the various pieces of the Roman armor. It really is fascinating. However, the Roman armor […]

Recognizing Satanic Attacks Is No Mystery

The Armor Of God Is The Key To Recognizing Satanic Attacks Spiritual warfare is a mysterious subject to most people. In the first place we can’t see our enemies, they’re spiritual Ephesians 6:12. Second they’re powerful. In Job 1-2 Satan is described as controlling even the wind and lightning in attacking Job.  Third is the […]

You Can’t Defeat A Satanic Attack If You Can’t Recognize One!

You Can Learn To Recognize A Satanic Attack I once took a course in college about trees. The goal was to be able to identify 150 different types of trees. Most of us can tell the difference between a coniferous tree (one with needles)  and a deciduous tree (one with leaves). After that it gets […]